Name: Tankor

Tankor flames

Tankor loves doing Terminator impressions

Primary function: Armourcommando Heavy Artillery Support (H.A.A.S.)

Alt mode: Vehicon Tank

Weapons: Shoulder mounted cannon. Energy based and draws its power through the subspace portals Tankor can also create, allowing unlimited ammo. Also usable in alt mode. Large circular saws deployable from each forearm. Deploy from the front of the tank in alt mode. Chest mounted missile launcher. Can fire a salvo of 5 at a time.

Profile: Originally a bounty hunter called Dodge Blade, he wondered from place to place, looking for somewhere to fit in, a cause to believe in. He learnt of the Armourcommandos and decided to join. During a training session, an explosion blasted Dodge Blade into a black hole generated by Darkmatter. The only way to escape was to suck himself into one of his dimensional portals from inside the black hole. This resulted in him receiving extensive damage, both physically and mentally.

Loosing a lot of his intelligence, the Spark of Dodge indicated a desire for firepower and gave the Armour medics schematics for a Vehicon Tank. Now rebuilt into his new body, he took a new name to go with his new body and new personality.

Tankor has been involved in almost every Armour mission since he was rebuilt. Although he is able to handle himself usually in close combat, his bulk and slow speed often hinder him. Where Tankor excels is in long range warfare. He enjoys shelling enemy positions from a distance, or using his homing missiles to shoot flyers out of the air.

Tankor's most noticeable achievement was on Al'Tyr. He was assigned to guard the front of the crashed Elpis, during which, he managed to destroy Supersonic's flight mode and engaged Scrapheap and Devastis, before taking on most of the Autobots. Despite getting ganged up on, Tankor was able to take 2 Autobots out of the fight with him.

Tankor was on the bridge of the warship Supremo, getting excited about destroying an Autobot colony when a portal sucked him through to the Shattered Glass universe. Finding himself in a field and surrounded by enemies, including Sari, Tankor couldn't find any other Armours, so acted on his last orders. Coupled with his then high adrenaline, this resulted in him attempting to attack everyone. After a brief fight with Blazecleaver, the arrival of the native Decepticons put an end to hostilities. They were taken to an underwater cave, when the others noticed a spy device disguised as a fish. Tankor looked at the fish and missed the hand signals of the others, only getting a com about causing a cave in. Charging his cannon to do just that, he was stopped by Blaze. Tankor looked back at the fish, getting angry at being shouted at for ruining the plan he was not told about, and turned back to an empty cave. The others had walked through a hologram of the cave wall, but hadn't let Tankor know they were going. This upset him even more as he thought they had returned to their home dimension and left him behind, and Tankor waded into the water and took the fish as his pet, believing it to be a real one. Causing a cave in, he was met by the Autobot Ironhawk (who had sent the spy device). After a brief fight, Tankor went with his new friend to Autobot City, where he was repaired and given a 'tour' of the facilities with promises of meeting this universes Svaat to help get him home.

This was simply a ploy by the Autobots to learn what they could about the new arrivals.

When the infiltration was detected, Tankor was told to help fight off the Decepticons and visitors. Blocking a corridor in tank mode, and his fish sitting on his vehicle head, Tankor engaged in long range combat. Dark Sari was thrown towards Tankor by her counterpart, and the Armour mistook her for the Fleshybot he wanted to kill. After using one of his portals on her, he tried to fight off the others, but they were able to get past into an elevator. Using his saws, he climbed the shaft, but a large explosion brought down debris. Although Tankor himself was unharmed, his fish slipped off his shoulder to its 'death'. This was the final straw for Tankor, having realised the Autobots were using him. He had been attacked, lied to, betrayed twice, left stranded by those claiming to be his friends, and now his pet was dead. With a murderous cry, he stormed up the shaft and broke through the floor. With a rant heard throughout the city, he declared war on the entire universe he found himself in and smashed his foot against Ironhawk's head before opening a giant portal in the foundations of the city, causing it to structurally weaken greatly. With murder on his mind, he stormed into the Throne Room and started attacking everyone. Only the intervention of Foresaken brought Tankor out of his bloodlust and focused him on attacking Lord Angelic. After giving the undead mech the biggest bear hug ever known, so happy at finally finding a true friend, Tankor engaged Lord Angelic, but was quickly dispatched.

Unfortnatly, Tankor was not of much use for the rest of the battle. The SG Devastatis released his crazy virus, causing Tankor to start breakdancing, moving into a moonwalk as he went over to SG Scrapheap and danced over his corpse, making sure the Junkion was dead. Hearing the portal was open, Tankor danced over to it and took a last look at the place he hated so much, glad he had destroyed the city. With a high pitched "YEOW!" he moonwalked through the portal.

Back in his universe, Tankor tried to kill Sari in an attempt to make it a perfect end to such a terrible day, but was stopped by Foresaken who took them both back to the warship Supremo.

Tankor has developed a great affection for Svaat, whom he affectionatly calls Mulletbot. Tankor believes Svaat is a friend and will look after Tankor. This belief, more than anything, is the reason he follows the Armourcommandos. Tankor may not be the fastest, but he makes up for it with sheer determination and firepower. He is able to think on battlefields, and create strategies, but any other situation and his lack of intelligence becomes apparent.

Abilities: Tankor's unrelenting resolve means he is difficult to dissuade once he has made his mind up. His thick armour is difficult to penetrate without extreme firepower or specialised equipment. The thickness of his armour also means he can't feel pain.

Special Ability: Tankor can create dimensional tears. The exact nature of how this came to be is not known, but is an ability left from when he was Dodge. These tears can be used to disintegrate non-sentient machines. Due to the way a Spark and organics react to the spatial rupture, anything of that nature that goes though will reappear in a random place in the star system. Tankor has no control of where they will end up, but he can open them around specific targets, allowing him to remove combatants from the battlefield. These rifts are used to power his main cannon, as such, the more he uses them, the less effective his primary weapon is until he can recharge. He can keep one open for up to 5 minutes before losing all power to his cannon. Opening a number of rifts uses more energy than keeping a single rift open, preventing him from opening a rift around each of his enemies in a large battlefield.

Weaknesses: Tankor is slow. Both in land speed and processing speed. As such, a quick witted person can trick him. The inability to feel pain and his determination can lead him to continue a fight or other course of action that will damage him, despite suffering critical system damage