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While I appreciate the efforts to restart the ASG by one of our longtime staff members, I still maintain and pay for the registration for the old AOL branch website, and occasionally work on adding stuff from my archives when I have time. The primary reason I pulled the old staff database sites is there was no active staff to use them, and my coding skills have improved vastly since I was 14, and it was in dire need of a rewrite to work on PHP5 (as it was written in PHP3 with globals enabled.) All of the data is still intact. If the site appears broken/dead, it is not intentional, and chances are it was accidental and I wasn't aware of it. I like to keep it around for historical purposes. Please keep this in mind. Thanks! Seth 17:35, 28 Dec 2007 (PST)

Interesting take on some of the history of this, in relation to the IRC side and what caused the "downfall" so to speak, of communcation between the AOL and IRC branches and the demise of the IRC organization in paritcular. I can't really speak for the AOL side, given I was never a member there, but as someone who was almost always around on IRC and fairly well connected with most of the leaders of the group(Given that I also ran a sim myself on more than one occasion, and was the roommate of the DCinC of X-World, Hazard), this whole "poisonous atmosphere" or "bitter competitor" crap? Never happened. Truth be told, most of IRC's membership stemmed from the X-World division(I don't know what the deal with the wolves thing was, they weren't really particularly all that popular or around for very long, more like a fad than anything else, I'd say), with most of said members being recruited from outside AOL, with a few exceptions. For the most part, most people in IRC really didn't even pay attention to or notice AOL's division much. X-World tended to be rather insular in that regard, and while it's membership growth stagnated, it never really declined, so to speak. X-World and later ASG-IRC would later break apart for very different reasons stemming from very personal disputes from several members that led to a large group breaking off. I'll decline to mention details at this time. Again, though, not really much bitterness or poison coming from the IRC branch towards AOL. I can't speak for the AOL branch, but IRC definitely had more of an apathy, if anything, towards AOL for years that never really changed. -ZLM 01:26 24 Dec 2010