TRCP Alliance, is a group that promotes Online fandom as well as fandom in the real world. TRCP Alliance, TRCP Alliance,News . We have presence on Facebook, Myspace, and the two website links. Our divisions include, Fan Film Groups, Audio Series Groups, Internalional and local Costuming Groups, Photography/Video, Banner Exchange. Our Directors hail from the USA and UK. Our focus in Fandom, any genre, Movies, TV, Books, Music, Costuming Groups most of them have a focus on Charity events as well as Conventions, Charity driven and Fan driven events are a deep abiding bond in the Fan Communities.

Directors in TRCP Alliance are: AL: Renda, All Departments, WA: Alexis, Director F4F,/ST/SH, UK: Gaz, ST, WA Tina, F4F/ST/SH, AL: Tim, Photography/Video.

Current Fan Films: Star Trek Lexington: Joey Bonice, Creator, EC, Justin Burton,EXP, Tom Scott,EXP, Renda Carr Prod. Actor, Jim Brucke,Prod, Actor, Tim Carr, Video,Actor. Star Trek Lexington , Project Potemkin: Randy Landers, Creator, EXP. Project Potemkin

Current Audio Series: Star Trek Grissom: Sean Teeling,Creator, ExP, Ireland. Star Trek Grissom *Renda Carr, Actor, Lt. Saavik.

Fan Groups, Costuming: Star Wars Alabama: Adam Johnsey, Daisy/ AL 501st. Roger Allen/ Tranquility Base AL. Star Wars Alabama Alabama's Garrison and Rebel Base in the International Groups: 501st 501st Garrison and Rebel Legion: Rebel Legion , TRCP Alliance's Star Trek Division, Costume Group.