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A sword is a bladed weapon, that is wielded by slashing or thrusting at the target. The shape and length of the blade, as well as the hilt, can vary widely. There are both single-edged and double-edged swords. Shorter and smaller swords are typically meant to be wielded with one hand while larger ones are meant to be held with two hands. Not all swords are perfectly straight. In the Bronze Age, the Dagger eventually evolved into the modern-day sword.

Swords are typically stored in sheaths or scabbard when not in use. This prevents the blade from injuring people while being carried on the side or back of a person. Swords can be made of various types of metals depending on the age and function.

Not all swords are weapons as some are ceremonial swords while others, like those made from bamboo, are used to teach people how to use them. Even if they aren't created for injuring people, bamboo swords can sting or leave marks.