Stargate: Ancient Legacy is a Stargate simulation group that was formed on June 11, 2004. Posting began Aug 13, 2004 and since then all players have been required to post no less than twice a month for each field character they possess.

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Our Story

My point is that we haven't met a single living ancient who has been willing to share their knowledge freely with us and there could be an entire advance civilization of them out there somewhere in another galaxy. I mean isn't that why we're doing this? All of this? The Stargate program? The budget? Isn't that so we can go and meet new races gather advanced technology possibly learn about ourselves in the process?
-- Dr. Daniel Jackson

William Arthur Ward once said, "Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning." When the Stargate was reopened in 1996, we opened a new way to learn about our galaxy and our universe. We discovered we are not alone. We found enemies, allies and technology far more advanced than our own. In time, however, as a result of our travels, we began to discover more and more about who we are and where we came from.

With these discoveries, we defeated the Goa'uld, the Ori and fought back against the Wraith, freeing countless human civilizations in the process. The might of the human race when backed into a corner was something that none of these enemies had ever seen.

The year is now 2013. Things had been quiet for close to four years. However, that quiet was not to last. Now we have new threats to contend with.

The SGC has come across a new, terrifying enemy: remnants of the Ori threat. We call this enemy the Nocterris, and they possess the ability to appear as anyone they wish and manipulate memories at will.

Atlantis has had issues of its own. After moving to Earth in 2009 to help with the threat of the new Wraith ship, it spent about four years there undergoing repairs and allowing scientists to study it. It was finally scheduled to depart for the Pegasus galaxy in early 2013. Our trip to the Pegasus galaxy went horribly wrong, however. Our wormhole drive was sabotaged, landing us about 87 million light years off course. Several key systems were damaged, and we are now out of contact with Earth. We have no way to get home, no way to contact them and facing a terrible unknown and obviously powerful enemy.

With these new threats we must, once again, band everyone around us together to overcome our new foe. A daunting task to some, but as we have come to discover, this is our...

Ancient Legacy

RPG Type: PBEM, 17 and older, See site for posting requirements
Rated: R