Stargate: The Next Generation (SGTNG) is a play-by-forum (PBF) created in 2007, set 13 years, in the future in the Stargate franchise, from present-day. At the end of every "mission" (or story), the date for that particular sim is set to the current date, plus 13 years.

Currently, as of August 15th, 2014, it comprised of:

  • Stargate Command (Milky Way Galaxy)
  • Atlantis Expedition (Pegasus Galaxy)
  • Ida Expedition (Ida Galaxy/Asgard Home Galaxy)
  • USS Ranger/Task Force 571 (Earth & Milky Way Galaxy Special Operations)

In addition to these main sims, the staff of SG:TNG maintain a semi-mandatory 'training' sim, for people unused to PBF simming, or simming in general, with basic core concepts, rules, and etiquette, in order to prevent new players from alienating themselves inadvertently from senior members.

On top of this, the staff maintain an extensive wiki, where they attempt to clean up (ie: remove all out of character notes, spell-check, and add in needed links & details) stories, maintain character bios, update an extensive timeline, provide information relating to common settings, as well as provide details on equipment, ships, and so forth. SG:TNG's monthly newsletter can also usually be found posted on the wiki, with a copy posted on the boards, and links provided on our DeviantArt and Facebook pages.

SG:TNG's main boards can be found at, our wiki can be found at, and our facebook page at