The Starfleet Legacy Alliance, or SLA, is a large simming organization founded on October 1, 2000, by the hosts of three sims departing the United Space Federation. The five primary founding hosts went by the character names of Chris Back (later to also be known as Seth Cotis), Sierra M'Hawarr, Keldar, Bjorn Vuelvas, and Gabriel Wulfe.

From its founding as a Star Trek-based simming organization with only live action games, it has expanded into a diverse group featuring sims from seven different science fiction genres, and it now includes many e-mail and message board simulations.

None of its founding members are active in the organization today in either a host or Council position. The founding member most often associated with the SLA, Seth Cotis (known IRL as Michael C. Back), passed away in July 2005 at the age of 35. Seth's passing was the largest crisis that the SLA has faced in its six-year existence.

Originally, the SLA was governed by the SLA Council, a group of seven members ("council chairs") responsible for overseeing a certain aspect of the group's functioning. A new SLA Charter was ratified in May 2005, restructuring the Council into five chairs and creating two voting panels to contribute one cumulative vote each on Council bills.

The group's sims are divided into four fleets: Asimov, Cochrane, Manheim, and Stargate Command. (A fifth fleet, Shakaar Fleet, was absorbed into Manheim Fleet in late March 2006.) Each fleet is overseen by a Fleet Captain, and may also have (but are not required to have) a Fleet XO.

The organization has suffered since Seth's passing in 2005 due to internal power struggles, resulting in the departure of several sims and long-time hosts. It remains active, but is still recovering from its losses.

The Name

According to Admiral Sierra, a founder of the SLA, "We knew we needed something clearly Trek in it (Starfleet); we knew we planned to make it more of an alliance than another structure (thus Alliance); and we wanted another word that signified where we had come from and the future that we were moving into. I don't remember who suggested Legacy, but it was perfect: leg·a·cy - noun - 1. Money or property bequeathed to another by will. 2. Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past."

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