Starbase New Hope was an independent Star Trek play-by-email sim that existed from ca 2005 and 2006, although it is not clear if the sim ever launched.[1]


The sim was centered upon the New Hopian Confederation, a political entity of 40 systems and nearly 100 billion people that had recently joined the United Federation of Planets. The Confederation traced its roots back 350 years to a colony of eugenic refugees.[2]


The sim organized two Yahoo Group's[3][4], both of which were established on August 29, 2005. However, the first posts were not made until February 2006, and posts at both Yahoo groups ceased a month later.[5] All of the posts visible to the public are administrative in nature; it is not known if the sim was conducted elsewhere, or if the sim never launched.[6]


Known crew members included:[7]

  • Fleet Admiral Kathryn Anderson, Commanding Officer
  • Admiral Mercedes McVey, Executive Officer
  • Doctor Omar Zareal, Chief Science Officer/Head of Research and Development


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