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Starbase 400 (originally the USS Pegasus)


is a NOVA played Star Trek sim in Theta Fleet. Active continuously since 1995, Starbase 400 is one of the longest running sims on the internet. Founded in Seventh Fleet, this sim has also served in Tango Fleet, Bravo Fleet, as an independent sim, in Antares Fleet, and The Ninth Fleet and independent again, Bravo Fleet again the 22nd Fleet, and now in Theta Fleet as of 2022. The sim has been administered by Mike Bremer since 1996 and is one of the most decorated and influential sims in Role Play History.

Out of Character Information

Major Awards

Laureate Award Year
USS Pegasus Bravo Fleet's Fleet Admiral's Commendation Simm of the Year December 1997
Mike Bremer Bravo Fleet's Commanding Officer of the Year 1997
Mike Bremer Bravo Fleet's Role-Player of the Year 1998
Staff Sergeant Riggard Bravo Fleet's NCO of the Year 2000
Brian Minosh aka MCPO Wright Bravo Fleet's NCO of the Year 2001
USS Pegasus Bravo Fleet Simm of the Month October 2001
USS Pegasus Bravo Fleet Simm of the Month August 2004
Mike Bremer Simming Prize 2011
Starbase 400 Simming Prize 2012
Starbase 400 Simming Prize 2014
Phil aka Cdr. Jack Solomon Bravo Fleet's TF99 Player of the Month August 2015
Starbase 400 Bravo Fleet's TF99 Simm of the Month November 2015
Mike Bremer Squiddie Award presented by Ongoing Worlds December 2015
Jake aka Capt. Ryan Greenwood Bravo Fleet's Medal of Collaboration December 2015
Gordon aka FAdm. Sevlek Bravo Fleet's Medal of Collaboration December 2015
Chris aka BGen. Jackson Bravo Fleet's Medal of Collaboration December 2015
Mel aka Adm. T'Lar Bravo Fleet's TF99 Player of the Month April 2016
Travis aka Capt. McMichaels Bravo Fleet's TF99 Player of the Month July 2016
Starbase 400 Squiddie Award presented by Ongoing Worlds October 2017
Starbase 400 Bravo Fleet's TF99 Simm of the Month April 2019
Starbase 400 Bravo Fleet's TF99 Simm of the Month September 2019
Starbase 400 Bravo Fleet's TF99 Post of the Month September 2019
Starbase 400 Tournament of Sims - Outstanding Star Trek 2019
Starbase 400 22nd Fleet's Gold Post of the Month May 2020
Starbase 400 22nd Fleet's Gold Post of the Month September/October 2020
Starbase 400 Simming Prize 2020
Starbase 400 22nd Fleet's Gold Post of the Month January 2021
Starbase 400 22nd Fleet's Sim of Valor January 2021
Starbase 400 22nd Fleet's Gold Post of the Month February 2021

The Starbase 400 site has won nearly 50 awards over the years, and her members have won even more! Here's a full list of awards won by the site, sim, and crew over the years - *Simm/Crew Awards


  • "See, this is why I'm glad to be apart of such a great simm! You guys seem like you have some fun and know how to simm very well. Hopefully, I can add to the fun and I can learn and grow with you guys!" -Lieutenant JG Nathan Franklin II/aka Nate 4/20/19
  • "I just wanted to send you an email to say how much I enjoy being part of the Starbase 400 team." -Raekwon Vox/aka Jamie Ives 3/9/19
  • "Its emphasis on character development and realistic storytelling naturally gives rise to a dynamic sim community that has helped sustain it as a model of excellence for over 22 years now. That unique history and sim canon is maintained by both interactive databases and multiple long-standing members. In addition to winning many fleet-level awards, the game also boasts two Simming Prizes. Starbase 400 has built a culture that simply can’t be matched." -OnGoing Worlds Blog 10/4/17
  • "! I'm amazed at the work and dedication. It's work like this that makes us proud. The best Trek is character driven, and you guys are all over that!" Be sure and check out their site. SB400 is busy having a great time! -Doug Drexler 7/10/16
  • "I love this sim! It's just very organized but relaxed enough for writers to write." -Lieutenant Hades/aka Kat 7/16/16
  • "Starbase 400 has been in existence since 1995 and has won numerous awards for its high-quality and longevity..." - Ongoing Worlds 12/30/15
  • "Starbase 400 has shown themselves to be a fantastic role model for the rest of the Task Force." - Bravo Fleet Hall of Honor 12/11/15
  • "It goes without out saying that Starbase 400 is one of the most storied and successful sims that has ever been produced." - Chas Hammer on behalf of the Simming Prize Trustees 6/10/15
  • "Infused with a focus on character development and realistic storytelling, these factors combine, producing an intensely vibrant sim." - The Simming League 2/18/12
  • "Thanks to all for such a great mission for me personally. That was better than any novel currently out. Thank you Admiral for the opportunity to try out a story that has been wasting away inside for so long! Here's to the best ship in Starfleet, USS Pegasus!" -Ensign Jon McFarland/aka Pat Brice 3/1/98

Command Timeline

  • 1995: Name lost to history
  • 1995-96: Mark Casey
  • 1996-current: Mike Bremer


Main Article: History of Starbase 400

Current Sim Information

Starbase 400 is a NOVA played sim. It has been administered by Mike Bremer since 1996. The sim itself began as the USS Pegasus in 1995 and has been running constantly since then, and was the first member sim of Tango Fleet in 1995 and Bravo Fleet in 1997. In 2006, the Pegasus sim went though a major in character plot change and became Starbase 400. Joining the Pegasus at SB400 was the USS Yorktown formerly of the Avalon Fleet Yards sim. The sim was also the first to win the Bravo Fleet Admiral's Commendation Sim of the Year Award (later known as The Michelle Cox Memorial Simm of the Year award) in 1997.

Starbase 400 offers new and veteran players quality interactive simming. The site features a custom flash menu with information ranging from Crew info to Support Ship specs, a full Star Trek database, Image Gallery, historical timeline, and much more.

Starbase 400 takes Canon Trek and mixes it with elements of Simi-Canon (Novels) as well as the Simm's history to make a unique simming experience! Read though the mission logs or about the support vessels...we know you'll be intrigued.

In mid 2014, Starbase 400 launched a Banner Exchange service for SciFi Sites and Sims to help each getting a little more advertising and visitors.

Current Episode


Episode 107 – A Trip to Remember -The new USS Pegasus-C and the USS Endeavour are sent to The Artifact in Romulan space to examin the remains of the Borg crew, meet with the administrator of the Borg Reclamation Project, and confirm the safety of Federation civilians. Meanwhile, the USS Falcon and USS Buccaneer attempt to meet with leaders of the Fenris Rangers.

In Character Information

Technical Details

Class: Spacedock


Role: Federation Starbase and Ship Yard, Orbiting the new Colony on Kaleb IV, on the edge of The Triangle

Status: Active

Current Openings;

Command Master Chief
First Marine Division Commander
First Marine Division Deputy Commander
181st Tactical Fighter Wing XO
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Nurse
First Marine Division First Sergeant
Engineering Officer
Fighter Pilot

General Information


Starbase 400 was completed in 2369 on the edge of The Triangle, where Federation, Klingon, and Romulan borders meet, orbiting Kaleb IV. It was hoped that having an advanced starbase in the area would not only make the Romulans think twice about crossing into the Neutral Zone, but also service as a location for diplomatic meetings between the three super powers. Starbase 400 soon became one of the main base of operations for the 4th Fleet.

During the Dominion war, SB400 serviced as a remote staging area for Klingon and Romulan fleets heading toward the front lines. Following the war, SB400 serviced as one of the main refit and supply bases for Starfleet vessels leaving the front lines. Starships would be refit for peace time service and crews rotated to other ships or back to there home planets for R&R. In 2380, this duty had been fulfilled and SB400 returned to the Diplomatic role.

Following the Shinzon coup, the Romulans wanted to continue diplomatic talks, and several of these were held at SB400 before being moved to Earth. During this time, SB400 began to run into disrepair. With supplies being sent to further out Starbases to restock their stores and trained crews transferred to new ships and bases, SB400 began to see neglect. Commander Conners, the station commander requested additional supplies and crew, but these requests were ignored. Starfleet's main goal was to bring the outer ring of starbases back up to full strength, while also getting the fleet back on its feet as well.

With tensions between the Federation and Romulans eases, SB400 was seen as 'expendable'. Plans were made to deactivate the starbase within two years, however Commander Conners requested an early retirement. With no available commanders to take command, Starfleet Command decided to shut down the base. At the same time, Fleet Admiral Bremer was considering retiring from command again.

Hearing about SB400's situation, Bremer requested taking the USS Pegasus to Starbase 400, and taking command. Starfleet declined, saying these had no plans for an Admiral to serve as commander of the starbase. Mike requested a demotion back to Captain to take over SB400. After much consideration, this was approved. The Starships Pegasus and Yorktown joined the neglected USS Luna as 400's support vessels, later also joined by the USS Vanguard and USS Durga. In less than a year, with tensions still on the rise, Bremer was promoted back to Admiral and additional support vessels were assigned to Starbase 400.

In 2384, Captain Bremer was again promoted to Admiral and the 4th Fleet's Operations Officer. At the same time, the Federation Council approved the construction of a colony on Kaleb IV and the USS Intrepid and USS Vanguard also joined SB400 as a support ships. Starship construction finally began again at SB400 that year, with the USS Vanguard (Sovereign Class, named for the recently decommissioned Excelsior class ship of the same name) NCC-82009 being the first ship completed in early 2385. Later that year, the USS Sutherland and Endeavor also where assigned, as was the 181st Tactical Fighter Wing.

In 2386, SB400 was reassigned to the Ninth Fleet, Task Force 94, as command base. Soon there after, the USS Vanguard suffered sever damage and was pulled out of service. Replacing her is the USS Lexington-D. Also joining SB400 are the USS Venator and USS Saratoga, bringing SB400's assigned ship complement to eight vessels. In 2387 with the USS Vanguard repaired, she was reassigned to SB400 and the USS Lexington-D was re-deployed. Also joining SB400 was the USS Kearsarge, an Intrepid class ship that replaced the USS Intrepid when she was also redeployed. A few months later, just after the destruction of the Romulan system, the USS Laffey, USS Tripitz, USS Avenger, and USS Alabama were also reassigned to SB400 as support vessels. Near the end of the year, the USS Constantinople and USS Steadfast were assigned to SB400, bringing her total to sixteen.

In early 2388, the USS Essex was assigned to Starbase 400 when Vice Admiral T'Lar took over as Station XO for the retiring Lieutenant General Fultian-Bremer. By Mid 2388, the old Constitution class USS Princeton was assigned to Starbase 400 and set to undergo major overhaul and recommissioning. By the end of the year, the Starships USS Cutlass and USS Mercy were also assigned. In early 2389, the USS Lexington-D was reassigned to Starbase 400. Also arriving at Starbase 400 was the new USS Gladiator under the command of Admiral Sevlek, bringing Starbase 400's total support fleet to twenty-two vessels.

By mid 2391 Fleet Admiral Sevlek took over as Starfleet's Beta Quadrant Commanding Officer and he promoted Bremer back to Fleet Admiral and Commanding Officers of this important region of space, called The Ares Operational Theater with Starbase 400 designated a Command Base. With tension on the rise between the Federation/Klingon Alliance and the Romulans along with their Typhon Pact allies, as well as the recent war between the Krazzle and C'Hakilian Empires, Starbase 400 is set to be at the forefront during this time of change.

Technical Information

SB400 Sept2021e1.png

expected duration: 200 years
time between resupply: 10 years
time between refit: 10 years
category: Starbase

officers: 6205
enlisted crew: 75,000
marines: 2306
civilians: 100 - 100,000

2000 type-XII phaser arrays
launchers: 96
hellfire: 2000
photon: 5200
quantum: 5500
transphaisic: 6
tri cobalt: 10

Ablative Armor Type-I

height: 13356 meters
diameter: 8781 meters
decks: 2750

Additional Information:
Currently, there are 33 in service with 3 building.

Auxiliary Vessel Loadout

Attached Starships

USS Pegasus Primary Defense Vessel / CO's Flagship / Odyssey Class / NCC-1702-C / Fleet Admiral Bremer

SB400 Oct2021a.png

USS Essex / Defense Vessel / XO's Flagship / Intrepid Class / NCC-173-B / Admiral T'Lar

USS Yorktown / Defense Vessel / Special Operations Flagship / Defiant Class / NCC-1717-F / Vice Admiral K'Temoc

USS Luna / Defense Vessel / Intel / Luna Class / NCC-80100-A / Commodore Pike

USS Steadfast / Defense Vessel / Special Operations / Diligent Class / NCC-87655 / Captain Harrison

USS Lexington / Defense Vessel / Tactical Interdiction & R&D / Sovereign Class / NCC-1709-D / Commander Stark

USS Kearsarge / Defense Vessel / Marine Deployment / Galaxy Class / NCC-74800-A / -Open-

USS Saratoga / Defense Vessel / Marine Deployment / Akira Class / NCC-70074 / -Open-

USS Ark Royal / Defense Vessel / Engineering Response / Vesta Class / NCC-24891-A / Commander Solomon

USS Vanguard / Defense Vessel / Tactical Interdiction / Prometheus Class / NCC-82009-A / Commander MacLeod

USS Falcon / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Interceptor Class / NCC-77206 / Commander Bagwell

USS Mercy / Medical Vessel / Emergency Response / Olympic Class / NCC-60974 / Lieutenant Commander Hades

USS Endeavor / Defense Vessel / Science / Athena Class / NCC-72802-A / Lieutenant Commander Coleman

USS Laffey / Defense Vessel / Tactical Interdiction / Defiant Class / NCC-80724-A / (Mission Specific)

USS Tyr / Defense Vessel / Tactical Interdiction / Ronin Class / NCC-84080 / (Mission Specific)

USS Constantinople / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Steamrunner Class / NCC-61116 / (Mission Specific)

USS Conqueror / Defense Vessel / Training Vessel / Akira Class / NCC-63303 / (Mission Specific)

USS Sutherland / Defense Vessel / Nebula Class / NCC-72015 / (Mission Specific)

USS Cutlass / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Saber Class / NCC-62958 / (Mission Specific)

USS Warspite / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Centaur Class / NCC-25016 / (Mission Specific)

USS Princeton / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Constitution Class / NCC-1777 / (Mission Specific)

USS Avenger / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Intrepid Class / NCC-74206-A / (Mission Specific)

USS Tirpitz / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Excelsior Class / NCC-41944 / (Mission Specific)

USS Crockett / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Excelsior Refit Class / NCC-38995 / (Mission Specific)

USS Dorsetshire / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Miranda Class Refit / NCC-2100 / (Mission Specific)

USS Ranger / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Constellation Class / NCC-2798 / (Mission Specific)

USS Kashin / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Akula Class Refit / NCC-3412 / (Mission Specific)

USS Thresher / Defense Vessel / Patrol / Ambassador Class / NCC-82314 / (Mission Specific)

181st Tactical Fighter Wing / Marine Fighters / Major Chuck 'Snoopy' McDaniel


100 Shuttles, Various Types

2000 Workbees and Pods

Fighter Compliment

40 Eagle Class
40 Valkyrie Class
20 Redemption Class


2 Beowulf Class Refit (USS Archmail, USS Octavius)
2 Delta Flyer Class
4 Mustang Class
6 Blackhawk Class
2 Warhammer Class
10 Danube Class (USS Catawba, USS Saluda, USS Cherokee, USS Wateree, USS Edisto, USS Waccamaw, USS Congaree, USS Kiawah, USS Majel, USS Chapel)
4 Huron Class
2 Argo Class
2 Orion Class

Docked Vessels

Civilian Vessels

These ships belong to civilians that live on SB400;
FAS Allora (D'Kora Class) - Docking port 37 (civilian vessel owned by Zark)
SS Rockwell (Antares Class) – Docking port 36 (Federation cargo vessel)
SS Tenaran - (Aerie Class) - Docking port 35 (civilian vessel owned by Vox)
SS Dakota - (Modifided Corvette Class Raider) - Docking port 34 (civilian vessel owned by Camron Wayne)
Cercatore di Tesori - (Unregistered Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter) - Docking port 33 (civilian vessel owned by Tom Vercetti)

Vessel held in Reserve

These vessels are held in reserve at SB400;

USS Antietam (Constellation Class - NCC-3890)

USS Backman (Backman Class - NCC-81944)

USS Boxer (Excelsior Class - NCC-8442)

USS Dorsetshire (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-2100)

USS Gneisenau (Akula Class Refit - NCC-3492)

USS Hope (Olympic Class - NCC-60975)

USS Invincible (Akula Class Refit - NCC-5771)

USS Mogami (Constellation Class - NCC-7830)

USS Newton (Oberth Class - NCC-58209)

USS Nagato (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-11193)

USS Pholus (Centaur Class - NCC-43948)

USS Renown (Excelsior Class - NCC-19382)

USS Sussex (Miranda Class Refit - 2808)

USS Tsunenaga (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-68745)

USS Wasp (Constitution Class Refit - NCC-1808)

USS Cairo (Luna Class - NCC-42136-C)

USS Diego Garcia (Akira Class - NCC-68754)

IKS D'akrurak (K'T inga Class)

IKS Kang (B'rel Class)

Vessels under Refit, Repair, or Replenishment

Starships Operating within nearby sectors that respply at SB400;

USS Amelia Earhart (Kelvin Class - NCC-79202)

USS Andrew A. Haldane (Akira Class - NCC-68884)

USS San Miguel (Ambassador Class - NCC-24895)

USS Bismarck (Excalibur Class - NCC-77022)

USS Camaro (Defiant Class - NCC-74409)

USS Cameron (Steamrunner Class - NCC-62884)

USS Carpathia (Nebula Class - NCC-88214)

USS Challenger (Galaxy Class - NCC-71099)

USS Clemson (Raptor Class - NCC-88374)

USS Dirk (Saber Class - NCC-61948)

USS Exeter (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-54702)

USS Firebird (Charleston Class - NCC-79640)

USS George S. Patton (Excelsior Class - NCC-41945)

USS George Washington (Galaxy Class Refit - NCC-73073)

USS Hades (Sovereign Class Refit - NCC-81793)

USS Helius (Titan Class - NCC-80991)

USS Hera (Apollo Class - NCC-12751)

USS Kris (Saber Class - NCC-61951)

USS Kumari (Akara Class - NCC-69972)

USS Hornet (Raptor Class - NCC-80308)

USS Long Beach (Borodin Class - NCC-81209)

USS Nautilus (Sovereign Class - NCC-79913)

USS North Carolina (Insignia Class - NCC-47203-A)

USS Oriskany (Steamrunner Class - NCC-64310)

USS Richard Winters (Diligent Class - NCC-81945)

USS Saturn (Ambassador Class - NCC-20104)

USS South Carolina (Defiant Class - NCC-74300-A)

USS Tarsus (Akira Class - NCC-68753)

USS Ti'Mur (Nebula Class - NCC-69972)

USS Ticonderoga (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-49598)

USS Vendetta (Galaxy Class - NCC-8325-C)

USS Viking (Intrepid Class - NCC-74680)

USS Vincennes (Sovereign Class - NCC-77504)

USS Warrior (Defiant Class - NCC-80725)

CUS Kreta - Keldon Class - Cardassian Liaison Officer's Ship

IKS meH'Haj - Negh'Var Class - Klingon Liaison Officer's Ship

IRV Rakal - Valdore Class - Romulan Liaison Officer's Ship

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