The Star Trek Simulation Forum (abbreviated STSF) is a Star Trek simming organization that provides numerous online text-based role-playing games. It was created in July 2002 following the departure of numerous games from SpaceFleet OnLine (SFOL). It has served as the official forum of Star Trek website operated by Paramount Pictures since October 2002. As of September 2015, the group continues to operate ten games on a weekly basis.


Originally a splinter organization of the simulation forum located on America Online called SpaceFleet OnLine (SFOL), the Star Trek Simulation Forum was founded attempting to provided an extensive range of online chat-based role-playing games for those who are interested in the genre. Functioning with at least half a dozen games that have been in operation for over almost two decades, it was established on July 31, 2002.

Through negotiations that had started in June 2002, leadership of STSF begin to secure a partnership with Paramount Digital Entertainment in late July 2002 prior to the formation of the group. While games open to the public start on the official Star Trek website on August 13, 2012; the agreement is officially recognized publicly in October 2012 and STSF is approved as the simming organization of As of 2015, it remains the only group to hold such standing since Paramount Pictures discontinued an exclusive contract with MSN to operate the Star Trek: The Continuum website in 1998.

Converting the induction system previously used by SpaceFleet OnLine on AOL, an extensive training and educational program is put in place to assist new players. STSF remained one of the few organizations online to provide such a system until it was transitioned into a mentoring program in March 2015. In February 2003, citing rapid and extensive growth, the official Star Trek website added a separate chat room solely for the use of the forum. During the proceeding two years, chat rooms for the organization were transitioned to independent servers with ongoing advertising on the site.

By October of 2006, the Star Trek Simulation Forum had in operation eight general public and twelve advanced member only games. From an initial launch with five sims, the organization had grown and boasted a membership of several hundred with an average of fifteen personnel assignments per month taking place.

In January 2012, the organization announces the first closure of an advanced sim in its history. Due to ongoing trends with newer formats and a redesign of, membership of the group declines. In 2013, administrators announce a transition to a blended public training program and mentoring system. This mentoring program becomes the sole induction program for the group two years later. By Summer 2015, with ten advanced sims remaining in operation, the Star Trek Simulation Forum continues to be the largest location of games still in operation that were previously associated with SFOL while on America Online.


The Star Trek Simulation Forum advanced sims were originally designed as member only games and peaked with twelve in operation. Participation required completion of the group's public academy training program. By March 2015, players were able to join a game of their choosing while participating in a mentoring program.

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