Star Trek: A Call to Duty (ST:ACTD or ACTD) is a public online role-playing game (RPG) set in the Star Trek universe.

ST:ACTD games are set in the ‘modern’ Star Trek times, i.e. the years following Star Trek: Nemesis, though it does host an occasional special event game set in other time periods (Currently the Phoenix, set in the 22nd century as per Star Trek: Enterprise.)

As of April 2007, ST:ACTD stands at over 230 members across 41 vessels and stations in 3 different gameplay style divisions: internet relay chat (IRC), newsgroup, and play-by-email (PBeM).


Star Trek: A Call To Duty was originally formed out of an organization called Virtual Trek (abbreviated vTrek) operating on MSN in May 1995. It apparently boasted an advanced sim fleet of approximately ten sims with somewhere near one hundred members. When an affiliation agreement was signed in 1996 with organization head Chad Morrett for the group to provide a simming forum on Star Trek: The Continuum, the organization's publically advertized name changed [1].

The establishment of this organization, and attempts to make it successful, are what many contribute to legal action by Paramount Pictures against AOL in 1997. The result of this court fight was the renaming of Starfleet Online to Spacefleet Online. Rapid growth followed as a result of ACTD's positioning, with links from the front page of, causing the launch of six new ships in the space of two months at the end of 1997.

Towards the end of 1998, the game's existing record systems were unable to cope with the influx of players, and the four week training programme, which players have to complete before assignment to a game, was closed for several months; during that time, a backlog of over 300 interested players built up. The new system to cope with the larger numbers was the Information Gateway, supplanted in 2002 by ODN.

In 2001, the game began to move out from the purely IRC operations with which it had begun, with the launching of the new Newsgroup division. In early 2002, this was followed by the launch of the PBeM division. As of mid 2006, these divisions have added 15 new ships and stations to ACTD's lineup. In 2001, the game set out to create detailed technical specifications for all the classes of ships upon which ACTD games are played. The result of this was the ASDB, whose specifications and ship plaque templates have been used by many other online games.

As of 2007, ACTD operates 41 online games in IRC, Newsfleet, and PBeM divisions. An integrated 'Subspace' system, where each ship has their own board, provides a place to chat as well as a place where officers logs are posted, and the mailing list archives post a public record of played missions.


When Paramount Digital Entertainment refused to renew MSN's contract to run the official website in January 1998, Star Trek: A Call To Duty remained active on the IRC based chat system of the site. However, by January 2000 the organization had lost sponsorship by Paramount Digital Entertainment. The official Star Trek website would not recognize and advertise another role-playing group until 2002 with the establishment of the Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF). ACTD moved onto its own servers as a result.

Current Fleet Roster

IRC Division

Ship Name Class
***First Fleet***
Deep Space 102 Buckingham class station
USS Don Johnson New Orleans class
USS Scimitar Akira class
***Second Fleet***
USS Apache New Orleans class
USS Arondight Akira class
USS Dublin Norway class
USS Hayden Intrepid class
USS Nighthawk Saber class
USS Triton Nebula class
***Third Fleet***
USS Huron New Orleans class
USS Elara Nebula class
USS Pendragon Intrepid class
USS Seleya Sovereign class
USS Tal-War Akira class
***Fourth Fleet***
Starbase 101
(Arcadia Station)
Buckingham class station
USS Andromeda Ambassador class
USS Cherokee New Orleans class
USS Claymore Akira class
USS Delphyne Excelsior class
USS Quirinus Steamrunner class
USS Sharikahr Norway class
***Special Event***
Phoenix NX class

Newsgroup Division

Ship Name Class
***Seventh Fleet***
Deep Space 168
(Morgan Le Fay Station)
Buckingham class station
USS Afton Galaxy class
USS Broadsword Akira class
USS Dakota New Orleans class
USS Perseus Nova class
USS Victoria Intrepid class

PBeM Division

Ship Name Class
***Eighth Fleet***
USS Karelian New Orleans class
USS Minotaur Excelsior class
USS Phobos Nebula class
***Ninth Fleet***
Starbase 390
(Denali Station)
Buckingham class station
USS Itasca Intrepid class
USS Katana Akira class
USS Themisto Nebula class
***Tenth Fleet***
PRISM: Team Vanguard Special Ops
USS Columbia Sovereign class
USS Pavonis Galaxy class
USS Vienna Norway class

Staff/Command Training Division

Ship Name Class
***Seventeenth Fleet*** ***(IRC training ships)***
USS Ganymede Nebula class
USS Paula Greene Galaxy class
USS Serpens Nova class

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