Spellbound offer a wide variety of classes.
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Professor Erevan

Professor of Arcana & Pyrofocus
Arcana is like basic understanding and power of magic in general and can be used for a variety of things And Pyrofocus is similar but with fire.Erevan was an eledrin battle mage who helped bring down the demon lord dagon with his other companions. These where a drow assassin, a teifling warlock, a warrior dwarf, a half orc, and a dragonborn knight. Long ago a city he visited was attacked by a draco lich, an undead dragon versed in the magic arts. They set on to find it but ran into a different problem concerning the undersea demon lord dagon. Some of his companions where planning on getting him and the rest of the group killed in the process but they eventualy got over their differances or where killed by a terrible creature. they reached the demon lord and slew him. Erevan now teaches at the school.
Erevan's kind heartedness sometimes has others confused on weather he realy is a battle mage. He has a gentle nature towards people but nevertheless is greatly devistating to his enemies.

Professor Coo

Professor of Phantasmagoria

Professor Coo is one of those teachers you'd always enjoy spending time with, just because you never know what will happen next. She shuns spending time with the other professors, preferring to spend time with the students instead - although most will agree that this is just an attempt to battle the fact of getting older. A subject most will also agree you should never talk about with Coo.

Professor Liah Wavecrest

Professor of Self Defense

Professor Liah Wavecrest is an accomplished Battle Mage. She has her own self defense school that she oversees on her spare time and uses the College facilities to recruit new student for the advanced Battle Mage classes as long as she teaches the students. Professor Wavecrest is a very serious and stoic instructor. She has been known to punish her students with extra workouts. Most students are wary of her class because they feel like punching bags. Professor Wavecrest likes push her students hard to make them strong. Though she is very tough and confident in her skills she does show concern for her students when she knows they are in trouble. Professor Wavecrest can be seen with her familiar, which is a water elemental named "Illin". It is rumored that Professor Wavecrest will teach advanced techniques to the star students in her class.

Lynn Aerwyna

A wandering muse who decided to compete in the Aetherion application for the headmaster position. Has a great love for cute girls, and doesn't care much for guys. Loves dancing.

Professor Cain Sparx

Professor of Basic Spells and Enchantments.

Professor Cain Sparx is the instructor for basic spells and enchantments. Professor Sparx is and odd instructor in that he doesn't always give normal answer. Sometimes he answers with questions and other times he tells a story. Professor Cain Sparx carries himself with pride and humility at the same time. He loves to see students grow and become great mages and often times lends aid to the few students who need it. However his idea of help gets a bit complicated since he does it from behind the scenes. Professor Cain Sparx can be seen with his Stormraven named Mael.

Professor Ikan Huffenpuff

Professor of Potions

Professor Ikan Huffenpuff is an accomplished potion maker. He has his own potion shop that he oversees on his spare time and uses the College facilities to work on new potions as long as he teaches the students. Professor Huffenpuff is a very excitable and nutty instructor. He has been known to allow a student to mess up a potion just to see what happens. Most students are wary of his class because they feel like test subjects. Professor Huffenpuff likes spice up life with the unknown. Though he is very smart and confident in his skills he does come as reckless and goofy. Professor Huffenpuff can be seen with his familiar, which is Jade Crystal Golem named Lore. It is rumored that Professor Huffenpuff sells his Golem’s Jade excrement in the gem market to fund his potion making and increase profits.