A spaceship or spacecraft is a vehicle made to travel in outer space. They can be crafted for various purposes, including exploration, communication and transportation of cargo or living creatures. Spaceships are a common setting in science-fiction role-playing games.

Use in roleplay

Theoretically, spaceships exist in various types and sizes, as well as for various purposes. However, if the setting of a role-play is a single spacecraft, in contrast to a number of a smaller ships controlled by separate pilots, it is usually a mothership or another larger ship of some sort.

This is because the characters can not only be part of the crew during their job, but also allows people on board to be doing a wide range of actions such as leading a daily life, going to an on board bar and interacting with other characters in a non-work setting. One roleplay session or thread may involve either the ship crew on their jobs or in their daily lives, or both; it often depends on the game master.

When smaller spaceships are involved, usually each character or pair of characters has a separate vessel to steer and will mostly be doing that, sometimes while also in combat. Interaction may be over an intercom with characters in separate spaceships.


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