Sixth Fleet is a Star Trek simulation group that was started on April 30, 2006.

Sixth Fleet History

In 2006, a series of turbulent and serious disputes within the command council of the simulation group then known as Tango Fleet resulted to the majority of the simulations in Sixth Fleet leaving and forming a new group.

The first Commander-in-Chief of the fleet, Carter Schimpff, who was prior to the split from Tango Fleet, was the elected leader of that fleet, worked on developing a great and open home for Star Trek RPG players. Assisting Carter was Lukas Karafiol as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Sixth Fleet, but within the first year, he resigned and Brenda Warner replaced him. On September 1, 2007, after serving a total of 2 years as the Commander-in-Chief of Sixth Fleet and its precursor fleet, Tango Fleet, Carter Schimpff retired from the position and there were elections for the next CinC.

Elections were held, and the DCinC, Brenda Warner was elected to become the next Commander-in-Chief of the fleet. Replacing Brenda as the DCinC was David Jannello. Soon after though, David Jannello resigned and was replaced by Sam Jones.

In 2008, after Brenda Warner was required to step down as Commander-in-Chief due to term limits, Sam Jones was elected to the position with Daniel Clarkson stepping up as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.

Due to many Real Life actions, in the middle of June 2010, Commander-in-Chief Sam Jones announced his resignation of the post effective at the end of July of the same year. As such elections for the next CinC were held several months before the annual term for the position was to expire to pick a new Commander-in-Chief to start immediately. In a very close vote, Graham Thomson won the election and as such was named the new Commander-in-Chief for Sixth Fleet.

Graham was succeeded by Nathalie Chapman in 2011; who was succeeded by Brett Gann in 2012. In 2013, Sixth Fleet dissolved its senate and elected positions in favor of a less structured, more volunteer-based organization.

Story Arc

The Federation Constitution provides for a fleet of ships, with the mandate to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. These fleets serve as a monument and testament to the strength and stability of the ideals that the United Federation of Planets hold true.

Welcome to Sixth Fleet Command, headquarters for Starfleet's Sixth Fleet - the finest and most distinguished fleet in the United Federation of Planets. Sixth Fleet trains its personnel to execute their duties under the most adverse conditions, and to serve as examples of the finest that Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have to offer.

Current Simulations

  • USS Ariadne NCC-93804 (Ariadne Class)
  • USS Axanar NCC-92701 (Sovereign Class)
  • USS Bismarck NCC-1108-C (Sovereign Class)
  • USS Hyperion NCC 7438-F (Sovereign Class)
  • USS Pegasus NCC-85714 (Aventine Class)
  • USS Saturn NCC 71801 (Galaxy Class)

Command Timeline

Time CinC DCinC
2006-06 Carter Schimpff Lukas Karafiol
2006-07 Carter Schimpff Brenda Warner
2007-07 Brenda Warner David Jannello
2007-08 Brenda Warner Sam Jones
2008-10 Sam Jones Daniel Clarkson
2010-10 Graham Thomson Daniel Clarkson
2011-12 Nathalie Chapman James Slattery
2012-12 Brett Gann James Slattery
2012-13 Brett Gann Reece Savage

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