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Siren Fleet (SF) was a Star Trek sim club that operated from 2004 to ca 2010. Founded in April 2004 as Utopia Prime (UP), the club changed its name to Siren Fleet on November 4, 2006. It ceased operations sometime in 2009 or 2010.


The year is 2383: ST Nemesis seems a long time ago, Voyager sits safely in its museum, and Starfleet's Command Admirals are back behind their desks - the road to recovery from the Dominion War is making progress. The Borg are at bay for the time being; and the Federation looking to get involved in a Cold War with the Klingon Empire as it continues to progress relations with the Romulan Star Empire. New threats on the horizon from 'The Grey' supported by the invasions of the briar patch by the Tholian Assembly and the Gorn Hegemony.

Even as the Ferengi Alliance gazes out from the Tower of Commerce, a darkness surrounds the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, forcing even the determined Breen back to their caves. A new Tempest sits on the Horizon, ready to strike; in it's many forms and shades it is an Enemy to the Federation and it's Allies. As a preliminary defence the Federation Council issues Starfleet Command to begin the construction of Siren Fleet, to study and prepare the unknown and to combat the known threats to the Federation's Security.

In the deep of the ocean; in a sea as black as space itself, a cry can be heard, so shrill and powerful - it is the call of the Sirens.

Their song is calling you.


Tom Ryder-Morgan-Farr (later known as Kurtis D. Levenham) served as the club's Commander-in-Chief throughout its existence.

During it history, Utopia Prime/Siren Fleet claimed one dozen to two dozen active sims divided into taskforces. Of these, four taskforces and seven sims are known.

Known Taskforces

  • Flag Group
  • Task Force 129
  • Task Force 182
  • Task Force 203

Known Sims

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