Chat simming language is a system of abbreviations and shorthand writing designed to avoid typing a full length paragraph and speed the flow of a chat based sim/online role-playing game. The shorthand varies based on personal and group preference, but the following are common elements:

First comes your position abbreviation when acting/speaking.
i.e. CO> I am Captain Horatio of the USS Maine. Please identify yourselves.

When talking to someone in particular, place their position after yours.
i.e. CO> TAC> Continue hails. Beam a security team over to investigate.

Actions are placed between ::: and ::: markers.
i.e. TAC> Aye aye. :::taps console and repeats hail:::

When using combadges an action ::Tapps:: or =/\= symbol is used.
i.e. TAC> =/\= SEC> Bill, beam over to the ship and see what you can find out.

When on an away mission, put a @ in front of your name.
i.e. @SEC> :::beams onto unknown vessel and sees Borg designs::: Oh no.

Out of character remarks are best in ((( and ))). Keep them to a minimum.
i.e. (((The Borg are on the unknown ship and not ours, right?)))

All together, a chat sim/RPG statement could look like...
@Sec> =/\= CO> Sir :::draws phaser::: We have major problems here :::fires phaser at the Borg:::

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