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The Simming Fall Festival, commonly abbreviated to FallFest, is an online role-playing festival taking place in September or October. It is an annual event organized by the Simming League on its first edition in 2011 and later by Ongoing Worlds, and is open for role-players or simmers regardless of their rank or affiliation. Fall Fest also features a radio mix and a DJ who reports on the happenings.

There are four types of events in the Simming Fall Festival: ceremonies (usually only the opening and closing ceremony), discussions about a specific theme, role-playing games or sims, and trivia games. Each of these events is usually hosted by one or two specific persons, but the same persons may also lead other events.

It can be considered a fall counterpart to SciWorld, but only lasts for a single evening.

Events to date

FallFest Date Sponsor Host Chair
I Oct 28, 2011 Simming League Independence Fleet Charles Star
II Sep 21, 2012 Ongoing Worlds USS Asimov Jonathan Swift
III Oct 11, 2013 Ongoing Worlds UFOP: Starbase 118 Diego Herrera
IV Nov 22, 2014 Ongoing Worlds Phoenix Roleplaying Charles Star
V Dec 5, 2015 Ongoing Worlds UFOP: Starbase 118 James Drysdale
VI Nov 12, 2016 Ongoing Worlds Obsidian Fleet Myrkul Sharr
VII Dec 9, 2017 Ongoing Worlds Bravo Fleet Andrew Greenfelt
VIII Dec 15, 2018 Ongoing Worlds TNU Project Josh Hina
IX Nov 9, 2019 Ongoing Worlds 22nd Fleet Andrew Greenfelt

FallFest '11

The 2011 Simming Fall Festival was the first edition of FallFest. It took place on October 28 of 2011 and was sponsored by Independence Fleet.

FallFest '12


FallFest '13


FallFest '19

FallFest IX, the ninth edition of the event, will be held on Saturday, November 9, 2019. It was sponsored by Ongoing Worlds and hosted by the 22nd Fleet. The event will be held on Discord, and the full schedule can be found on the 22nd Fleet website.