The Sim Group Papers started off with the original "thesis" written by Dennis Busse in the aftermath of his original departure from the Allied Electronic Simulations (AES) in 1998. In it, the document examines common organizational structures within sim groups and analyzes their weaknesses and strengths. It also postulates an growth cycle that is common to all groups that puts the various splits/mergers and group failures on the Internet during the golden age of sim groups into perspective. Additional papers and supplemental material were added to the papers between 1999 and 2004 that expand on concepts, provide behind-the-scenes operational data that formed the basis for those concepts, and looks at other ways in which sim groups could operate while minimizing negative impact of their growth.

Originally posted at the author's AOL site, the Sim Group Papers can now be found on the author's personal website at

Busse was awarded a Simming Prize in 2005 for the Sim Group Papers.