Silent Hunter is a London-based player at Phoenix Roleplaying, having joined the site at its creation in August 2010 and currently holds the position of General Coordinator at that site. Before that, he was the Administrator of Ride The Edge, one of AJJE's then four clubs, resigning shortly before the end of the AJJE Schism as he'd just had enough.

A keen writer and role-player, he's been going at it for nine years now, starting off by participating in a 24 roleplay at a now defunct forum for the FOX show and going further at during his time as a NationStates player, using the dual nation games of Serconea and Ylling. His biggest achievements in that game was getting a "United Nations" resolution passed on the Law of the Sea, which was later repealed and getting elected Consul of The Meritocracy, a notable in game faction, spending a grand total of two weeks in that role before losing the subsequent election to a better candidate.

A man with a knowledge of military forces, in particular the ones of the former USSR, that would be great at military parties if he actually attended any, Silent also holds a very high position on TV Tropes' Made of Win leader board, most for wordplay that included the use of "littoral extreme" in an article on shipping wars. He is currently only semi-active on that site due to lack of time.

He is the only person on the Internet to have used the expression "We have a Josephine now. Josephines are cool" and probably the only person to have a Stana Katic "play-by" in a Firefly sim.