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"We are watching. We are waiting. We are listening. We are Shira."
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PowersCyber Terrorism, Biochemistry, Chemical Warfare, Mechanical Engineering, Expert Marksmanship, Military Combat Specialist
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A mysterious and sinister terrorist network that appeared on the international stage approximately ten years ago, Shira is responsible for the theft of the South Korean fungal bioweapon known as "Spore". Using Spore as leverage, they launched a campaign of unparalleled terror in an attempt to seize control of Aurora City, placing them in direct conflict with the New Teen Titans North. According to Justice League intelligence reports, Shira's membership is primarily composed of young men in their late twenties or early thirties. The organization specializes in cyber terrorism, chemical warfare, mechanical engineering, and military combat, making for a prodigiously talented and extremely deadly enemy. Shira commonly employs top-secret experimental military technology, either stolen from foreign governments or developed for its own nefarious purposes.

Extremely hierarchical in structure, the organization is led by a single individual, known as "The Agent of Shira." Beyond seizing control of Aurora City, the terrorist network's motivations and long-term aspirations are unclear, though from their ideological rhetoric, it can be inferred that they seek to usher in a new era of anarchy and chaos, as opposed to the social contract state of the Hobbesian model. The group is responsible for several atrocities including the destruction of the luxury cruiser Saint Dominique, hijacking ACNN24 (Aurora City News Network 24) Headquarters, and the siege on Aurora City's Council Chamber, with the mass murder of the city's political leadership as their final goal.

Members, Ranks & Classes

The Agent of Shira

The mysterious leader of Shira and mastermind behind its sinister schemes, notable for wearing for a crow-like mask, similar to the plague masks employed by doctors during the Black Death in fourteenth century Europe. Cunning, ruthless, and extremely charismatic, The Agent of Shira commands the loyalty and adoration of its followers, sowing doubt as to whether or not Shira is best classified as a terrorist organization or a psychopathic cult. Nevertheless, it shows absolutely no remorse at the death of its subordinates, viewing them as disposable pawns. Due to the fact that it consistently employs synthesizers to scramble its voice patterns, The Agent of Shira's sex, like so many other details, remains a mystery.

The Blade of Shira


The Blade of Shira's distinctive white bodysuit.

An elite assassination squad composed of fourteen individuals, each member of The Blade of Shira is equipped with a long, scythe-like wrist-mounted Vibro-Blade, capable of cutting through most substances at the near-atomic level, and a lightweight bodysuit that provides protection, facilitates acrobatic movement, grants adhesive properties that allow the user to cling to walls, and incorporates a sophisticated mobile cloaking system. Members of this unit often worked together via radio frequency in order to eviscerate enemies with devastating sneak attacks. They were defeated by the Teen Titans during the latter's attempt to recapture ACNN24 Headquarters. Its known members included Squad Leader Carrion, Abyss, Vulture, Nightstalker, Styx, Reaper, and Charon.

Mechanical Units, Technology, Weaponry & Aircraft

B7NSH33 ("BANSHEE") Automated Turret

Military-class folding turrets designed to attach to flat surfaces in staggered formation, equipped with state-of-the-art motion sensing and auto-targeting systems, capable of firing high velocity armor-piercing bullets. Kiara, Cygnus, and Roxie encountered twelve of these units during their attempt to rescue the hostages taken by Shira on the fourth floor of ACNN24 Headquarters.

G0LI7TH ("GOLIATH") Exoskeleton Combat Unit


The G0LI7TH Unit, with an adult male for size comparison purposes.

The ground mainstay of Shira's terrorist army, the G0LI7TH Unit is a top-secret experimental class of military technology, stolen from an unspecified foreign government and redesigned for the organization's purposes. An augmented exoskeleton piloted from within, its heavy armor renders it virtually invulnerable to projectile and energy-based attacks, in addition to making it a powerful close-range combatant. The unit is equipped with highly destructive twin wrist-mounted machine guns used to blast apart ranged targets in addition to a back-mounted jetpack that allows for bursts of rapid movement and short jumps. Though conceptually similar to Blake's Satellite armorsuit, it trades tactical utility, speed, and mobility for pure power. Blake, Batsu, and Ben encounter the G0LI7TH Unit in the Main Generator Room of ACNN24 Headquarters.

M7NTI5 ("MANTIS") Assault Walker


The M7NTI5 Assault Walker.

The M7NTI5 Assault Walker is a powerful bipedal mechanical unit, designed by Shira for ground-based offensives. Controlled by a single pilot from within the cockpit, the unit is equipped with a single machine gun blaster, a state-of-the-art motion tracking and auto-targeting system, a short-range stun laser, eight short-range ballistic missiles, and a wrist-mounted Vibro-Blade for melee combat. Although less accomplished than the G0LI7TH Unit in terms of sheer destructive power and defensive capacity, the M7NTI5 Assault Walker possesses high speed and tactical utility, making it better-suited for prolonged encounters in open spaces. It is capable of executing extremely high and long jumps, rather like a praying mantis, often using this ability to catch the enemy unawares. Roxie, Ben, Batsu, and Kiara encounter four of these units in Aurora City's Grand Plaza.

SP3CTR3 ("SPECTRE") Gunship


The SP3CTR3 Gunship.

The aerial mainstay of Shira's terrorist army, the SP3CTR3 Gunship is a military-class aircraft designed from scratch by the terrorist organization's most talented engineers. It is piloted exclusively by The Agent of Shira. Heavily armored and armed, the gunship is equipped with twin machine gun cannons, medium-range ballistic rockets, and several heat-seeking missiles. Blake and Lily engage the SP3CTR3 Gunship in an intense aerial dogfight above the city.

CH7M3L30N ("CHAMELEON") Cloaking Technology


The CH7M3L30N Mobile Cloaking System.

A never-before-seen, highly sophisticated form of optical camouflage designed by Shira, the CH7M3L30N Mobile Cloaking System bends light around the user, rendering them invisible to even the most advanced visor technology, including sonar, x-ray, and thermal spectrums. The system is not without imperfections, however, as it cannot completely conceal heavy weaponry, resulting in an occasional faint translucent distortion. The system is vulnerable to environmental interference (particularly water), which will temporarily short-circuit the cloaking field, as well as pheromone-based tracking. The CH7M3L30N Cloaking System is often employed by the organization's assassins, including The Blade of Shira.

High Velocity Armor-Piercing Bullets

One of Shira's signature calling cards, these deadly bullets are a form of experimental military technology capable of punching through most targets like tissue paper. According to Lily's calculations, their firepower is on-par with that of elite government security forces. On several occasions, they have been shown to generate enough force to buckle and splinter solid concrete. They are commonly employed by the terrorist network in a wide variety of manned and automated weapon systems, making any type of long-range engagement extremely risky, even for shield users like Kiara and Cygnus.



A victim of Spore in its final stages.

The most terrifying tool within Shira's arsenal, the stolen experimental bioweapon known as Spore is the product of the top-secret South Korean security initiative known as "Project Contingency." A heavily mutated and particularly aggressive strain of toxic fungi, Spore is designed to inflict massive casualties by rapidly infecting humans. Once ingested, following a short incubation period, Spore begins to feed on the victim's internal moisture, heat, and nutrients, using them to drastically accelerate its life cycle. The bioweapon deliberately attempts to trigger the body's defense system, particularly heightened body temperature, which only hastens its growth. As it reproduces asexually within the host, Spore puts out highly toxic roots that compromise critical organs and complicate necessary life functions with a projected fatality rate of 99.9%. Most victims will succumb within as little as two to three hours after infection to simultaneous cardiac, pulmonary and renal failure. Upon the host's death, Spore reaches maturity and enters the final stage of its life cycle, piercing the subject's epidermis and external orifices with mushroom-like projections that exude toxic gas littered with the microscopic spores of the bioweapon in its initial form. In order to defeat Shira and prevent a possible contagion, the South Korean government dispatches Lily, the Head Researcher behind Spore, to cooperate with the Teen Titans and develop an antidote.