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The SciWorld Online Convention (also known as SciWorld or SWOC) is an online convention for the play-by-post role-playing community. Held in chat rooms each spring over the course of several days, SciWorld features games, discussions, and events run by members of the play-by-post role-playing community. SciWorld is free and open to all play-by-post role-players.

List of SciWorlds

Edition Dates Location Master of Ceremonies
I Mar 18-22, 1999 America Online Ender Maki
II Mar 23-27, 2000 America Online Chas Hammer
III Mar 15-18, 2001 America Online Robin Knight
IV Unknown 2002 America Online Unknown
V Mar 29-31, 2006 Diaspora Games irc Chas Hammer
VI Apr 3-5, 2007 Diaspora Games irc Chas Hammer
VII Apr 29 - May 1, 2008 Diaspora Games irc Chas Hammer
VIII May 19-21, 2009 Diaspora Games irc Chas Hammer
IX Apr 14-16, 2011 Independence Fleet irc Charles Star
X May 10-12, 2012 Dark Myst irc Chas Hammer
XI May 1-3, 2013 Independence Fleet irc Landon Wakeland
XII May 1-3, 2014 Xertion irc Yatalu
XIII May 18, 2019 Discord Role Play Wiki, TNU Project, Theta Fleet, Ongoing Worlds


The SciWorld Online Convention was conceived by Ender Maki in the latter half of 1998. His club, the Online Simulations Association (OSA) had been created via the merger of three separate groups, and Maki believed a week long series of special events would generate a sense of community within the OSA. In January 1999, Maki asked Chas Hammer, President of the Simming League, if he would be interested in helping with the convention. Enamored with the idea, Chas threw the full support of the Simming League behind the venture and it morphed into a convention open to the entire play-by-post role-playing community on America Online. Maki and Chas, together with Tashak, a sim host in the OSA, organized the first SciWorld Convention, which was held in chat rooms on America Online from March 18 to 22, 1999. The event proved popular, with some three dozen events run by individuals from ten separate role-playing organizations. Inspired by SciWorld, the Non-Affiliated Gaming Forum on America Online attempted to organize its own simming convention in the summer of 1999, but was unable to bring it to fruition. For their work in creating and organizing the first SciWorld, Maki, Chas, and Tashak shared a 1999 Simming Prize.

The Simming League organized subsequent conventions in 2000, 2001, and 2002. These conventions followed the pattern established in 1999, each featuring several dozen events spread out across chat rooms on America Online.

No convention was held in 2003, 2004, or 2005. A number of factors transpired against SciWorld during those years - turmoil within the Simming League, the collapse of clubs that had been major SciWorld benefactors, such as Trek Online, and an overall decline in the popularity of America Online. In 2006, after the Simming League reconstituted itself on the internet, SciWorld was revived by the League as an irc based event. This necessitated a tighter convention, with the majority of events occurring in irc rooms dedicated to the convention, not in offsite rooms, as had been the case on America Online. Between 2006 and 2009, the League partnered with Diaspora Games on SciWorld, with Diaspora providing the irc rooms for SciWorld during those years.

In the spring of 2010, the League website was compromised; this distracted the attention of the League and no convention was organized for 2010. SciWorld returned in 2011.

The 2011 convention was held in irc rooms hosted by Independence Fleet. This was part of a proposal to rotate SciWorld to a different club each year. Hosting responsibility for the 2012 convention was initially awarded following a public call for proposals - a first for SciWorld. This, however, was deemed to be a failure by SciWorld. The call for proposals resulted in only two submissions, and the chosen entity backed out days before the start of the convention, resulting in a scramble for a new host. In the aftermath, SciWorld reverted to privately selecting a host, and for 2013 again selected Independence Fleet. This move proved controversial, with Phoenix Roleplaying boycotting the 2013 Convention, upset that no reply had been given to their request to host the convention.

Following the disbandment of the Simming League in March 2012, oversight for the 2012 SciWorld convention was transferred to Ongoing Worlds. After the 2012 convention was successfully completed, SciWorld was spun off from Ongoing Worlds and became an independent entity.


Surviving transcripts of SciWorld events are posted below.

Year Event Host
2001 Log writing workshop
2001 Medical Tech chat
2001 Recruiting workshop
2001 Webpage workshop
2006 Evolution of simming
2006 IT in simming
2006 NPC discussion
2006 PBEM simming discussion
2006 Sex, gender, and relationships in simming
2006 Starting a new sim
2007 Alternate genres
2007 Blogs in simming
2007 God mode
2007 Keeping it fun
2007 Long term success
2007 Non Trek simming
2007 Trends in simming
2007 Types of sims
2008 Community building
2008 Managing a sim
2008 Member developed sims
2008 Running non traditional sims I
2008 Running non traditional sims II
2008 Second Life discussion
2008 Simming web design
2008 Why we sim
2009 Alternate Star Trek sims
2009 Alternate simming methods
2009 Designing your homebase ship
2009 Firefly simming discussion
2009 Fleet management discussion
2009 Making a club a community
2009 Playing aliens
2009 Second Life discussion
2009 Star Wars simming discussion
2009 Structured vs freeform simming
2011 Alternative lifestyles in Star Trek discussion
2011 Charity fundraising
2011 Dystopia vs hopia
2011 Fan films
2011 Fundraising for simming
2011 Future of simming
2011 Her history - Tigra Tigress
2011 Hosting discussion
2011 Intellectual property discussion
2011 Major issues in simming
2011 Militant roleplaying
2011 Second Life discussion
2012 Are text based RPGs dying?
2012 Everything I need to know I learned from roleplaying
2012 Fleet-wide mission discussion
2012 Keeping genres alive with fanfic and simmming
2012 Stargate simming: past, present, and future
2012 Star Trek technology: What did they predict? What did they miss?
2013 Acting Up: Successful roleplaying in 3 acts Diego Herrera, UFOP: StarBase 118
2013 Building a civilization: Adding depth to your alien worlds Greir Reinard, UFOP: StarBase 118
2013 Advertise or die. Letting people know about your roleplay David Ball, Ongoing Worlds
2013 A time to change, a time to stay Josh Hrach, Federation Sim Fleet
2013 Beyond Two Decades: The legacy and lessons of a club Lindsay Bayes, STF
2013 Creating a cloak and dagger sim Brett Gann, Sixth Fleet
2013 Help is the sunny side of control Tavey Burgon, Starfleet Legacy Alliance
2013 Keeping warp speed: how to keep your writers engaged Sabrina Pandora, Independence Fleet
2013 Keys to keeping a sim fresh and engaging Brett Gann, Sixth Fleet
2013 Starting as a CO and XO on a new ship Matt Elphaba and Safefta Pardek, Independence Fleet
2013 Star Trek simming in retrograde? Zania Ja'arda, Starfleet Legacy Alliance
2013 The ins and outs of bulletin board RPGs Lindsay Bayes, STF

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