A school is a quite popular setting to set modern-time sims or role-plays in. The school setting can include classrooms, the entire school building complex and playgrounds, and also its direct environment. In the case of universities, academies or other large or advanced types of schools, subsettings may also include halls or ballrooms, dorms, parks and training grounds.

Besides present time schools, simmers may also decide to opt for a school setting in another era. Pre-war schools will for instance give their students severe punishments for breaking rules, while a school in a science fiction-based sim will most likely be equipped with high-technology materials for its students.

Real-world RP

Greek school

In the case of a role-play in the real world, the look, rules and participants in the school setting will be based upon the reality in that time frame and location.

Ancient Greece

Even though the word school comes from scholē (Greek: σχολή), in a role-play set in ancient Greece, the concept school was regarded differently. The group of students came together in a centralized location. This type of schooling was usually private, mostly for boys or young men and at a monthly fee.

Fantasy RP

In fantasy role-play, possible schools include an academy of magic, other super powers schools and schools intended for fantasy creatures and species. A fantasy school could also be similar to a medieval or present school, but with mentions of the outside world having fantasy characteristics (e.g. "We're a human school, why do you even want to study the history of the merfolk?").

Science fiction RP

A popular type of school in science fiction is a space academy, where students learn high technological skills such as how to fly a spacecraft.