Sari normal

Sari Sumdac, in both her human and robot mode appearances.

NameSari Sumdac
Species Human/Cybertronian Technorganic
Sex Female
Age Physically appears to be 16 years old, actual age N/A
Roleplay Information
Name The War Within
Genre Science Fiction
Type RPG


  • "You can trust this face... can't you?"
  • "This hero stuff is hard work!"
  • "Neat trick. Now let me show you what I can do!"


The Basics

  • Hair: Neck length, dark red, always done up in pigtails
  • Eyes: Light cyan 'whites', cyan irises (reversed in robot mode)
  • Build: slender
  • Height: ~6'
  • Weight: Not known

The Details / Identifying features

  • Cyan eyes, dark red hair, and dark skin


Clothes / Armor

  • Yellow long sleeved dress with 'articulation lines' at the elbows and cyan circle in the middle of her chest
  • Yellow thigh length stockings with 'articulation lines' at the knees
  • Yellow shoes
  • Yellow hairpin
  • Robot mode armor reflects her normal attire


  • Energy projectors x2 (convert from hands, usable in both modes)
  • Retractable arm blades x2
  • Retractable hammer


  • A scooter that converts into her jet pack (Christmas present from her dad)
  • Sonic Jammer 3000 (gift from Swindle)
  • Dented pocket lighter from Wolverine
  • Her key which she used to upgrade herself (now mostly useless, kept for sentimental value)
  • A reprogrammed Scrapmetal drone
  • Tutorbot
  • Various other things



Sari is likely one of the most kindhearted, friendliest people you could possibly meet. She would do nearly anything for her friends, including putting her own life on the line to protect them.


  • Helping out
  • Being with her current group of friends, mostly Autobots, but there may also be a Decepticon or so
  • Her dad and twin sister
  • Vanilla shakes, especially from Burger Bot


  • Jerks, particularly Sentinel Prime
  • Being unable to help her friends despite her powers and abilities
  • Being told it's 'too dangerous' when she's already aware of the danger
  • Seeing her twin sister in danger


Marital Status

Single, but not looking


  • Father: Professor Issac Sumdac (adoptive)
  • Sister: Dark Sari (twin)

Abilities and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

She has Cybertronian level strength and durability. She is also much faster than a typical human. She doesn't appear to age, at least not nearly as quickly as a typical human, making identifying her true age nearly impossible.


Her technorganic nature provides resistance, and even immunity, to many ailments that would affect only TF’s or organics. She also has a pair of retractable jet skates for added speed and agility. Her arm blades can cut through most armor without much effort. She can use energy projectors that convert from her hands for either small, quick bursts, or a larger blast by holding on to a charge. She is able to perform rocket-assisted jumps, particularly effective in combination with her hammer. For flight in either mode, she has a jet pack. She can ‘scan’ a machine by touching it with her hand, allowing her to find out important things about the machine in question, except for Decepticon bases, which are too heavily guarded...


Her small size also means that she’s easier to hurt.  If Dark Sari's in trouble, then she'll drop nearly everything else to come to her aid.


Sari isn’t sure how she ended up in this universe. Perhaps it was that thing from that other universe... Unicron Singularity, was it? At least she can defend herself thanks to her upgrade awhile back. (And no threat of overloading and going out of control to boot! That was terrifying!) And, she can look almost completely like a human teenage girl when needed. (cyan eyes might seem odd though) Blackarachnia was wrong about being technorganic. It does have it’s advantages. But maybe that’s from believing herself to be human for the first seven years of her life...

Having recently found out that her dad and her friends from her universe are here as well, she now considers this universe to be her home. But this has given her even more reason to help her Autobot friends in any way she can.