Sara Kaelyre is a former Star Trek simmer who was active ca 2005 to ca 2006. She was a founding member of the Vega Prime Alliance, serving as an Admiral.

Character Info

Sara Kaelyre is a former Star Fleet Admiral. Born to Human and Betazoid parents in Phoenix, Arizona, Earth, her parents, paternal aunt and uncle, and elder brother were Starfleet officers. Developing a passion for medicine, she attended Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical School. After graduation, she was posted as a medical officer on the USS Banshee; she later rose to serve as chief medical officer of the USS Banshee. On the Banshee she also met her future wife, Cyanah Kaelyre.

With her wife, Sara transferred to Di Vinci Outpost where she conducted groundbreaking research using Borg technology to rewrite Human DNA, in the process slowing aging and opening new treatment options for a host of degenerative diseases. Following this work, Sara was posted to the USS Blackwell, an Olympic class medical vessel, where she served as executive officer and later commanding officer. The strain of being separated from her wife, however, proved difficult. When Cyanah was offered a position on Earth, in the Astrophysics department of the Daystorm Institute, Sara gladly gave up command of the Blackwell and took a position teaching medical studies at Starfleet Academy. Proving her academic acumen, Sara was promoted to become the Director of Starfleet Academy. Later, she was promoted to full admiral and took a job at Starfleet Headquarters.

Together with Cyanah, the Kaelyre's have four daughters and one dog. The reside in Honolulu.

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