The subpages of this page are votes of this wiki, mainly but not necessarily always decisions the community needs to agree on, such as: admin and other promotions, addition/removal of wiki rules, layouting, big structural changes. These pages will be listed below with status (ongoing or closed) and topic (what it's about). The most recently added pages will be at the top.


There will be no specific procedure for voting until there is need for them. You can put up a vote if you and at least one other user thinks (as written out on a talk page, chat does not count) the issue/idea is important enough for one. Voting ends when a majority is clearly for/against something, with a minimum of one week (7 days). Note that new votes just get the next number in line, so Project:Vote/1 is created first, Project:Vote/2 second, etc.

The following templates are used to represent a user's opinion:

  • {{support|<your reason or extra info (optional)>}} → Support Support - <your reason or extra info (optional)>
  • {{neutral|<your reason or extra info (optional)>}} → Neutral Neutral - <your reason or extra info (optional)>
  • {{oppose|<your reason or extra info (optional)>}} → Oppose Oppose - <your reason or extra info (optional)>

Do not forget to sign (~~~~) your vote.


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