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The following sub-pages are the Wiki's votes.

At any time, any user may create a vote. A vote is a proposal written by a user to change, create, or remove a current Wiki Policy. A vote may include items like promotion procedures, how items are voted on, page layouts, chat guidelines, or on what date events occur.



A vote is to be created with the provided button in this section. Please write in the number next in line to be used in the white box, and press create. Based on the template provided, fill out "Voted item", "Explanation", and place a link to your username after "Proposer". Place the date which is seven days after the creation of your vote in the sentence that says "Votes will run until".

<createbox> prefix=Project:Vote/ width=30 preload=Template:Vote buttonlabel=Create New Vote </createbox>


All votes are to be placed in the appropriate subheading in the "Votes" section, based on their current status. They are to be organized based on descending numerical order. A vote is to be linked through a slash and it's number, and labeled with a summary of what the vote is.


In order to vote, a user must have a Fandom account and have made five mainspace edits in the last two weeks.

In the voting subpage, please go to the enclosed discussions link. There, you may place a vote of "support", "neutral", or "oppose. Explanations are preferable, but are not required. You may discuss the vote within the discussions link, assuming that it is civil.


After a period of seven days, the votes will be counted. The final decision is based on whether the options of "support" or "oppose" received a 65 percent majority. If support received the majority, an administrator will immediately implement the voted item. If oppose received the majority, the vote will be locked and archived. If neither received the majority, the vote will remain open for another week.

After the decision is reached, the result is to be written in the "Result" section of the template. Then, the vote is to be relocated to the Finished section of this page. A moderator will lock the vote to prevent it from further editing.


Under construction



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