Since most articles can have at least 2 paragraphs of text, we should be able to provide decent-length pages about species, items, role-plays, communities and so forth. Especially as soon as an infobox is added, an article easily exceeds 500 bytes and will therefore no longer be regarded a stub.

The reason we should keep stubs to a minimum is because users, when clicking the random page button, prefer to not land on a nearly empty page.


There is no need to keep track of who is doing what for this task, since the amount of stubs is easily checked at Special:Shortpages. Instead, you just go to the short pages list and pick one of the articles below 300 or 500 bytes that you would like to expand. Keeping a log below is always nice to do since you'll know who did what and when.

Our aim is to have less than 50 pages below 300 bytes (the absolute minimum, stubs in the strict sense of the word), and less than 100 pages below 500 bytes. After all, adding an infobox alone will render an article to be 500+ bytes.