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Games/Communities looking for Players[]

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USS Clepsydra - Messing up the timeline, one mission at a time![]


USS Clepsydra - OF Official Banner (not for re-use)

USS Clepsydra | Federation Temporal Integrity Enforcement | Play By Nova | Rated 13+

USS Clepsydra - Applications are open!

We are a Wells-class vessel assigned to Obsidian Fleet, her only timeship set in 3097. As a close crew, we are looking for new blood to add to our dynamic stories and to make new friends.

After a terrible time in 1942, the Clepsydra crew return to 3097 in hopes of some downtime as the ship undergoes heavy repairs. The crew have been given shore leave to see their loved ones, get any support they need since their ordeal at the hands of the terrorist Captain, Keegan Winter.

As the ship came home in time for the Federation Day celebrations, the crew have been invited to attend the festivities in Starfleet HQ, San Fransisco and in the United Federation of Planets capitol, Paris.

What are we looking for?

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Counsellor
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Strategic Operations Officer

If you don't see a role that you like on this list, visit our manifest or drop me an email, I'm happy to talk about character development and possible new positions to help us explore new missions.

We are a PG-13 simulation, but we ask that our members are mature, willing to get involved with others and contribute to the missions we have.

Drop me an email, or visit our Discord if you want to know more USS Clepsydra Discord

Starbase 400 - Mission 96 - A Visitor From the Past[]


Starbase 400 | Federation Starbase | Play By NOVA | Rated 16+

Starbase 400 is looking for new members, may even you!

SB400 is based in the Prime Universe, in the post-Nemesis era. The year is 2395 and it's a time of change. Romulus and Remas are no more and the Enterprise-E has been decommissioned. The Cardassians are allied with the Federation/Klingon Alliance, there's peace with the Dominion, however there's an ongoing 'cold war' with the Romulans and the rest of the Typhon Pact. It's a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy.

SB400 is a Spacedock type starbase positioned near the Klingon and Romulan borders. She has what amounts to a small fleet assigned to her. Missions vary from Exploration to Combat, Black Ops/Intel to Scientific, and the best part is, YOU are the star!

Episode 97 is just getting started, and now we're looking for experienced writers that can devote enough time to actively contribute about once a week. SB400 has been an active sim since 1995. SB400 has received multiple awards over the years, including the Simming Prize, the Squiddie Award, and multiple awards from our home fleet, Bravo Fleet including Sim of the Year and the Admiralty Unit Citation.

We take Canon Trek and mix it with elements of Simi-Canon as well as the sim's own history to make a unique simming experience for all!

Currently, we’re looking to fill these key positions;
Chief Science Officer
181st Tactical Fighter Wing CO
Command Master Chief
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
181st Tactical Fighter Wing XO
…and a variety of other rolls!

Stop by our main portal,, There you can either beam directly to our NOVA (sim) site and look over our crew roster, openings, logs, as well as current mission information. Or our Main (LCARS) site and enjoy our custom menu while you explore our vast database, historical timeline, starbase specs, support ship info, Starbase tour, mission logs, image gallery, galactic news, and much more!!


USS Trafalgar[]

The USS Trafalgar - a proud ship with a proud name, now deep in refit at Utopia Planitia.  With a new CO and a new crew, she will leave Mars for the Gamma Quadrant, where her shuttle bays and weapons systems will make her a rugged workhouse of TF9, part of Bravo Fleet.  Visit our website at to learn more

The following positions have been taken:

Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

- everything else is up for grabs.

And remember:

"England expects that every man will do his duty" - Vice Admiral Nelson, 21 October 1805

USS Ulysses[]

A legendary Greek hero, Odysseus was the king of Ithaca, a small island in the Ionian sea, where he lived with his wife Penelope. He was known to Romans as Ulysses. After fighting the war against the city of Troy with the Greeks, he started his journey home. His sailing journey was obstructed by the sea god Poseidon. During his journey he had many incredible adventures, but his renowned intelligence helped him to survive the numerous difficulties, although his crew wasn't so lucky.

Many centuries later and a new Ulysses commences her own journey, travelling the stars and taking part in many challenging adventures, but hopefully her crew fairs better than that of the Roman God. Ulysses operates in an area of space known as the Gavarian Corridor. The Corridor is a 40 lightyear stretch of space leading to the unexplored northern area of the Beta Quadrant. During her major refit to bring her up to modern standards, the ship has been located at Deep Space 10 in the Trivas system. Her initial adventures will see the Galaxy-class starship and her crew put to the test as they seek to rebuild Starfleet's presence in the Corridor.

A 16+ Nova sim operating in Task Force 72,

Ulysses is in need of the following positions:

Chief Flight Operations Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Engineering Officer

Chief Tactical Operations Officer

Ship’s Counsellor

All Assistants and Other Positions

Applicants can choose to take control of an NPC already established on the site or create their own character. Please discuss ANY character with the CO before applying.

Visit us at or

USS New Hampshire-A[]


USS New Hampshire-A | Federation Galaxy Refit Class | Play By NOVA | Rated 16+

The USS New Hampshire-A is looking to add some experienced writers to our small sim. The New Hampshire-A has been active over four years, but recently changed to a new site host and we're looking to add key personnel to our sim.

The New Hampshire-A is set in the Prime Universe, post-Nemesis. She's a Galaxy Refit class vessel with an experienced core group of adult members that enjoy writing.

Currently, we’re looking for fill these key positions;
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Medical Officer
Marine Executive Officer

The Frontier is ready to push back. - USS Black Hawk[]


Recalled from Shore Leave, the valiant crew of the USS Black Hawk is pressed back into service aboard a brand-new Century-Class starship. Their destination is the mysterious Finnean Convergence Zone in the Gamma Quadrant. Nothing has ever gone in, and whatever has ever emerged, has not emerged alive. 

Somewhere, inside the zone, awaits both incredible opportunities for exploration, and perhaps the greatest danger the Federation has ever faced. Can the crew of the USS Black Hawk find this threat before it is too late? 

Are you among the brave, bold, and curious in the Federation? We are currently seeking:

  • Chief of Fighter Maintenance
  • Assistant Chief Science Officer
  • Fighter Pilots
  • Officers/Enlisted in Science, Engineering and Medical
  • And More!

We are a 16+ simulation and we are no strangers to frequent posters. To apply, visit the USS Black Hawk at our NOVA site today!

Task Force 99 - Something for Everyone[]


Task Force 99 | Various Sims | Various Formats | Various Ratings

Looking for an established group? Looking for sims that’ll be here tomorrow, next week, next month, even for years to come? Want to write with other real Star Trek fans that enjoy a good story just like yourself? Then Bravo Fleet’s Task Force 99 is that you’re looking for.

Task Force 99 is a little different than your typical Bravo Fleet Task Force. TF99 is home to all the 'alternate timeline’ sims in the Fleet, basically everything you could imagine outside of the official Bravo Fleet timeline!

• NX Division: Games that take place during the Enterprise Era.

• Exploratory: Games that take place between TOS and Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country.

• Alternative: Games that operate as alternative in any timeline or are species specific, including the TNG and DS9 Eras.

• Ares: Games that are in a unified timeline built off of the Starbase 400 timeline.

• NuTrek: Games within to the JJ Abrams Universe's Kelvin Timeline

A few sims are in need of crewmember to become active, and each of these are a unique simming experience.
USS Discovery – In the NX Division
USS Lexington – In the Exploratory Division
USS New Hampshire - In the Ares Operational Theater Division
USS Exeter – In the NuTrek Division
ISS Vanguard - In the Alternative Division

And a variety of other active sims are also available for your simming pleasure too!

Everyone has heard of Bravo Fleet! Established in 1997 and a winner of multiple awards including the Simming Prize, Bravo Fleet offers a high level of gaming for both new and experienced players. With updated and easy to navigate websites, active forums, IRC, and an ever expanding Wiki Inforbase, Bravo Fleet has something to offer any Star Trek simmer!

Star Trek: Tigris

One of the newest Sovereign class ships in Bravo Fleet is looking for crew! Come see our current top open positions!

copy and paste or click:

Task Force 93 - S.E.A.R.C.H[]

Are you bored of the same routine? Want to do more and be more. Being a cadet just finished at the Academy? An officer that wants an adventure or that Commanding Officer that desires to be challenged? Then Task Force 93 is requesting your aid!

The USS Tornado - Klingon Empire Space The Tornado is performing diplomatic duties that challenge the day to day practice of the Federation in Klingon space. With the latest attack upon the ship and a Commanding Officer that was comatose for more than 3 weeks due her severe injury and the lost of personal in the explosion, we are in dire need of personal!

Deep Space 14 - Federation Space

The Indie arrives at DS14. Xanthos are released to help with the construction of their own living quarters while Fastform does analysis of the surface. Strain on systems is intense and Xanthonians are initially resentful of staying on the station which represents their destruction. Fastform are horrified at the state of Xanthos. Those areas not hopelessly irradiated are poisoned or chocked with deadly flora and fauna. Fastform are used to dealing with barren worlds.

These are but the many stories that Task Force 93 has to offer, but we need more. More people to help us in the battle against the Gorn, helping with rebuilding the Romulan Empire and helping with the strength we need in ships, outpost or colonies that require brave Commanding Officers. Sign up today! For a better tomorrow!

Players looking for Games/Communities[]

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Name Game sought Description