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  John Smith, also known as Johnny, is a human male. He is 33 years old and lives in San Fransisco, USA. This section should have basic information like his species, name, age, and where he lives. Write one or two paragraphs that sum up the entire character: this is enough for people who want just the basics, and sparks the interest of those who may read on. You may also want to include one or two major turning points in the life of your character, however these will be further elaborated in a section called "Biography".


John Smith has been named his name because his parents liked the movie Pocahontas and thought it would be a good idea to name their son after its male protagonist. If your character's name has an in-character meaning, this is the section to add it. You can write about name meaning here, about nicknames or titles your character acquired over time, and everything related. This section can however be left out if it's irrelevant for your RPC.



John was born in 1977. He grew up in Washington DC, but his parents moved to San Fransisco when he was twelve. When he was young, John was an ordinary kid. He did not stand out at school, and liked history and geography classes. His dream then was to become an astronaut.

The biography section will be necessary for most characters and definitely for any in-depth character. You can be as elaborate as you want here. If you use the article as main page to link people to, you can write everything here; if your character has its main page elsewhere, you can just type up the highlights in your character's life.

Later life

 OOC NOTE  After quitting high school, John started working in his uncle's electronics store. He was working there for three years when he met a nice girl called Anna. She was passing by the store to buy a new toaster, which John gladly helped her pick. John and Anna married in July, 2000.

You can create as many biography sections as you think you need, but it is advised that you put a couple of paragraphs for every section. It is also advised to keep each paragraph below 6—8 lines: having long paragraphs will make it harder to read.


Since you will not create separate pages for all members of your role-play character's family, this section can be used to name and shortly describe the life of your character's notable family members. You may want to add pictures on the right side, with a width of 200—240px (best to use the same width over your entire article). If you have enough to write about each family member, feel free to use subheaders.


John has a small beard and wears a hat. He has brown eyes. Despite not having a very athletic build, he has a good stamina. You can write your character's appearance as detailled as you want and provide additional pictures, with a width of 200—240px (best to use the same width over your entire article).

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This is the section you were waiting for: the section from out-of-character perspective. You can write here about the creation of the character. What did you have in mind when you created the character? Did you have a specific concept? How did OOC influence your character's evolution? All that, you can write here.


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