Role Play Wiki

While Role Play Wiki intends to provide users with a very lenient, unique chatroom experience, there still exist several guidelines to maintain order. All users are held to the same standard, and everyone is expected to have fully read the guidelines. All rule-infractions are different, so no one rule will have a fixed punishment. All kicks, bans, and warns, are not fixated and will be decided at moderator discretion.

Please keep in mind that the moderator team will not accept private messages for reports, as they can easily be doctored. In such a case as this, block the user in question. Remember to not be argumentative with moderators. If you have concerns with a moderator, respectfully bring it up in chat or their message wall.

Chat Policy

Terms of Use

  1. All users, regardless of their user rights, must follow Fandom's Terms of Use. Some Terms of Use infractions may only result in a kick, while others will have a lengthy or indefinite ban.
    • Things that violate the Terms of Use include: revealing the personal information of others, asking for personal information, violating COPPA, and slurs and hate speech.


  1. Not Safe for Work [NSFW] content is prohibited, in all forms. 
    • This includes images, role play, text, website links, inappropriate jokes, and subtle references. 
  2. Do not bring off-wiki drama or personal gripes with other users to the main chatroom. Please take any issues you have with another user or wiki into private messages.
  3. Do not harass other users.
  4. Respect all users on the wiki, including the staff. If a user is being rude to you, do not continue the conversation by being rude back. This further causes drama and both users are subject to punishment.
  5. Do not mock or make fun or jokes about mental defects or disabilities.


  1. Spam, whether the message spammed is short or long, is prohibited.

Alternate Accounts

  1. Please only use one account within the chatroom. Refusal to do so will result in an indefinite ban of the alternate accounts.
  2. Sockpuppets, accounts used to evade a ban on a main account, will be banned indefinitely on sight. In addition, the ban on the main account will be extended.

Feeding Trolls

  1. To "feed the trolls" means to react or comment on trolling in the chat. Do not join in on trolling, tell a troll to stop, or react to their behavior.
  2. Commenting on bans is prohibited. A ban is between a user and a moderator, there is no need for interference on your end.


  1. While you are allowed to make pages about your wiki it has to be roleplay related and under.
    • Other advertising besides this is against wiki policy.
  2. Posting a Special:Chat link will lead to a warning. Preceding infractions will result in kicks. The same policy applies to posting links in private messages on a large scale.

Moderator Guidelines

  1. As a moderator, you are expected to behave just as any user would, you are not above others due to your role. You are also potentially subject to similar or worse punishment if you violate any of the above rules.
  2. Do not abuse your rights
    • Abusing your rights may include to kick/ban/warn someone because of personal bias, kick/ban for fun, or other times that may be inappropriate. Having rights is to protect the wiki and help out, being a chat moderator is not a game.
  3. Do not mod your fellow moderators in front of the community this causes a disruption within the staff team.
  4. Do not leak/share what is said in staff chat without permission from the whole team..

Assume good faith

  1. Do not believe that everyone who enters chat has ill intentions. Chances are, they are new and haven't got the chance to read the chat guidelines yet. Please treat users with respect and help them if they seem confused or they aren't aware of the rules.