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Role Play Wiki, as generic wiki about role-playing, is affiliated with several wikis about role-play-related topics or wikis where you can role-play. The wordmark and a short explanation of each wiki are listed below. If you would like your wiki to be added, feel free to ask one of the admins. If you were looking for a place to role-play, check out any of the wikis listed below to see if they can spark your interest.

Affiliations on Fandom

Wiki-wordmark.png Avatar Roleplay Wiki (link)
A role-play wiki set centuries after the events of Legend of Korra. Experience life in Republic City to be a bender or non-bender. Sworn to protect the city, wreck havoc or just stand by your own agenda. The choice is yours.
Wiki-wordmark.png Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki (link)
If you enjoy Greek myths and/or the Percy Jackson books, come roleplay in a world where Greek myths come to life and takes part roughly 17 years after the Percy Jackson books end.
Wiki-wordmark.png Camp Jupiter Roleplay Wiki (link)
At Camp Jupiter, you will live and train with other young demigods. As you discover the special gifts you inherited from your godly parent, you will also hone your unique skills in addition to learning how to work with others as a cohort or unit.
Eeveelutions Roleplay Wiki Eeveelutions Roleplay Wiki (link)
This wiki is an Eeveelutions role-play wiki, but allows all other pokémon. It has more than 50 pages and many locations – both within the camp and outside – to role-play at.
Wiki-wordmark.png Hvetshran Wiki (link)
A wiki with over 300 pages about the Hvetshran, a species created by User:Yatalu for the use in role-play, their language, society, clans and history.
Wiki-wordmark.png Kogane no Ken Wiki (link)
An RP wiki, that follows a main story line revolving around a plot created solely by User:Fubuki風吹. Addition of fanon articles is always welcomed.
Liméstæn Wiki Liméstæn Wiki (link)
A wiki about the Liméstæn, also known as the Wyvernesselle or Wyvernian race. The species and their language are created entirely by User:Master Ceadeus 27.
Wiki-wordmark.png SeptimoDominusTantibus Wiki (link)
Victorian steampunk-based RP, set in the world of Morpheus in the 1700's. A technologically advanced pirate ship sails the oceans of Morpheus seeking adventure on numerous quests and trials. Think you have what it takes to sail on Septimo?
Wiki-wordmark.png The Online RPG Wiki (link)
A wiki where users can create and play their own RPG's, with a small but friendly community.
Wiki-wordmark.png Total Drama Roleplay Wiki (link)
A base for different types of role playing genres. The wiki mostly focuses on Total Drama Role Plays, but they do other cartoon related role plays as well. Join the TDRPW Today!
Writing and rp wiki logo.png
Writing and Roleplaying Guild Wiki (link)
The Writing and Roleplaying Guild Wiki has 17 members and is growing daily. It is a haven for creativity, imagination and roleplaying. If you can dream it, imagine it, write it or have the desire to roleplay it this is the place for you.
Wiki-wordmark.png Yakuza Mob RolePlay Wiki (link)
Anime-based and multi-genre RP with hints of fantasy and futuristic designs. Setting: 2156, city of KasaiHana, where numerous street, Yakuza, Mafia and even Triad gangs terrorize the streets. RP: strict storyline, T1, bio required, role-play itself takes places on IMVU.

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