Rogue Prime is the newest recruit to the Decepticon ranks and the newest apprentice under Nightstalker's wing. He is (sometimes) friends with Doppleganger, and Blazecleaver, although he has shown hostility towards BC. He often gets thrown into predicaments he can't quite explain (Such as the beginning of Ep. 18, and the end of his training episode), and this often leads to him getting in more trouble than he's supposed to cause. His current status (as of Ep. 18) is awkward, considering he's been re-re-branded as an Autobot.


RP's history is mind-boggling, and only he, NeoRanger, and SharpSpike know about it. It shall be revealed as RP climbs the ranks of the Decepticons.


2x Null Ray Blasters 1x Robot-Sized Mosine Nagant 9130


He can combine his Null Ray Blasters and form a powerful Null Ray Cannon.


-The Decepticons -Being evil -Pissing off Slowbrowse -Confusing Blazecleaver and Scrapheap -His Camaro alt. mode


-The Autobots -Getting slagged -Slowbrowse -AngelicKnight -Prowl