"Cruel but Dignified" are two words that have often described Rion Kelara. Born 50 years after the arrival of the human kingdoms invaded Agazatra, Rion was one of the first Dark Elves born after "The Split". He is now almost 451 years old. He spent most of his life after his parents disappeared living in seclusion, on the edges of the Maranorn swamp, not too far from the College of Cil'Adil. Once he'd beaten back the wilderness and established his presence in the swamp, some twenty years after first settling, he devoted his life to the study of magics and alchemy. Secluded away from most life on Agazatra, many times his studies have strayed into magics frowned or outright detested by others of his interests. As such, much of the swamp near his house is tainted by elder magics, and will never be the same, even after his passing.


Rion was born 50 years 'after arrival', and is old enough to remember the rise of the younger races, such as mermaids and kalu-ak. Never seeing the brighter side of social life, he regards the other intelligent races as inferior to his own. His fellow elves, high and dark he neither approves of nor looks down upon. Rather, he treats them as intelligent, worthy adversaries and partners.

After reaching the mature elven age of twenty-four, Rion's parents disappeared out of their beds one night, leaving him alone. While no evidence supports it, Rion suspects they left to travel far distant lands and escape the "shackles of society." Rion sold his parent's house soon after and lived as a hermit and traveler, venturing far from his childhood home of Xaladir. The gold he attained from the house he used to fund his travels for several months. After those funds ran out, he scraped out a living through a trade of rudimentary enchantments. Realizing that if a change was not made, he would be doomed to a life of squatting forever, he invested most of his money in supplies that would allow him to become self-dependant, such as grain seeds and housing materials.

As he reached the age of seventy-five, Rion found a suitable place for his future home. A small, unclaimed plot of land near the College of Cil'Adil held his attention. Fertile soil combined with complete seclusion gave a promise of a livable, if not easy life. He settled there one hundred and twenty five years after human arrival, and spent the next twenty years building a house, taming the land, and otherwise creating an environment in which to study.

Rion spent almost four hundred years after than living in quiet comfort in his dwelling, only going to when absolutely necessary. He became all but a myth, soon fading from people's memories entirely. He committed his body to working his small plot of land, and his mind to studying magic.

As possibly a world-ending war looms on the horizon, however, Rion has decided the time is right to come out of seclusion and prove the Dark Elves dominance over the world.

Magic and Alchemy

Having spent the better part of four hundred years studying all aspects of magic, Rion is proficient in every area, be it arcane magics or potions of healing. He's also become obsessed in recent years with darker magics, going so far as to attempt in creating a tunnel to Hades, hoping to harness the power of Hell for his own gain. Unfortunately, different experements gone awry have distorted and torn the land near his home beyond measure. Long after he's died and his home has erroded away the land will remember the twisted experiments.


While Rion neither believes in nor practices organized religion, he believes fully in the power of the gods. He prays daily to Hecate, the goddess of Magic, for accuracy and strength in both his day-to-day and magical efforts.