Renda, Director TRCP Alliance!

From a young age, Renda always stood outside and looked up at the night sky, and created stories, songs, poems to amuse and entertain others. Favorite Science Fiction programs include, Star Trek All, Star Wars All, Doctor Who, Blakes Seven, Special Unit 2, Firefly/Serenity, Star Gate, Andromeda. Favorite Superhero programs, Superman, Superboy. Enjoys attending conventions and meeting the stars, but also meeting others who enjoy writing fan fiction, and creating fan films, and audio series and animated programming. One of Renda's oldest fictional characters is: Admiral T'Moya, CO of the 214th Black Sheep Fleet, a heavy medical and support group. Down through the years of simming, and playing a number of characters, favorite cannon characters are Saavik for Star Trek Lexington, and Star Trek Grissom. Doctor Maura Drake, CMO Project Potemkin, and Doctor Mayson Drake, 214th and Meh'haj. As the need for advertising RPG's and Fan-dom grew, Renda and friends saw the need for a group that would not only promote RPG/Simming but Fan-dom, all Fan-dom. And so the creation of TRCP Alliance evolved. Starting out as a a YGroup and one advertising YGroup Announce It, TRCP Alliance began a journey that Renda and the other directors had no clue would happen; TRCP Alliance began to assist fan groups for events of costuming for charity. Boo at the Zoo, a halloween staple at the Zoo, the four weekends of October TRCP Alliance Director Renda found herself creating more and more costumes for the events. After that Lexington came knocking, offering the role of Saavik, then Grissom, and more recently, Project Potemkin. Renda also is an active member of 501st and Rebel Legion, two wonderful Star Wars Groups where they costume for many charity events like the UAB Fairy Tale Ball, MS Walk, Airshow Tuscaloosa, AL. Alabama Fandom AL Ghostbusters, Dixie Hallows HP, Steam Punk, Star Wars Syndicate. A member on the Simming League forum for a few years. Renda is part of Star Trek's expanded Universe Wiki for Lexington, Grissom and Potemkin. Childrens programming a long running cable show titled Dean and Company is a place where Renda helps the team out from time to time, assiting Podo a puppet dog that has a knack for getting into trouble. A mix of comedy, puppet antics and song and dance, as well as a skit or two, Renda finds herself acting as anything from a Detective to Princess Leia trapped by Podo in the past and even a Starfleet Officer. TRCP Alliance also gave Renda and the directors the honor to do panels for conventions, talking about fan films, costuming, audio series, filming, writing, production. Characters in costuming are growing as well, started out as Admiral T'Moya, Saavik, Janine Melnitz Ghostbusters recptionist, Princess Leia, Death Star Officer: Colonel Infinity Nightshade, Maid Marian, Steampunk Siren, Also known as The Queen of Swords, or Foxie the AI of the USS Allied Zorro, and also her 18th century QOS fighting injustice in old California. TRCP Alliance, brain child of Renda started small, promoting Sims, and Musical Stars like Jim Brickman, now groups like F4F is growing in Seattle, WA. Alexis,Creator and Director of F4F works in the Adam Lambert fan groups, and the group is for fan-dom for Hero's real and fiction. From humble beginnings growth in Fandom continues. Some believe that Renda has a lucky clover or talismen, in 1996 her life ended for a short time, and walking through that ethereal place and seeing the beauty, to be returned back to mortal existence gave insight and compassion empathy for those less fortunate; which is why Charity events are so close to the heart. There is nothing more satisfying than to see a terminally ill child's face when they see their favorite character step out of a fairy tale, or Star Trek, Star Wars, Andromeda. No greater joy than helping raise money for food banks, and raising money for the troops and their families. Renda simmed in many fleets through time, but as Sims/RPG groups became something a kin to a social ladder climb club; she found herself departing one then the other and retired to hobbies that made her happy and did good for the community. She still sims in a few sims where drama is left on the story and not in the real world. Still going by the principle of: There is no I in Team and KISS Keep it simple sister! Renda speaks at Conventions when ask, and also helps promote the costuming groups she is in. Writing a great story with friends has always been one of her favorite hobbies. Favorite quotes: Live like you were dying. Winning isn't everything, but is sure beats anyone who comes in second.