Reality Resort
Reality Resort

Reality Resort

Running desperately short of food, the Dwarfers have chanced across the Reality Resort, an ancient, seven star holiday retreat, where they hope to be able to acquire much needed supplies. While on Fernando's for the second time they met Bruno Downing and accepted him into the crew before heading down to the Reality Resort.

  • Jay
  • Cass
  • Jaxx & Evelina
  • Jade
  • Artemis
  • The Mississ
  • White Wolf
  • Candice
  • Jamie
  • Demon Phil
  • Plisken
  • Tara
  • Boyd
  • Bruno
  • H-343
  • Ransom
  • Brett
  • Dr. South

During their fabulous vacation the crew of the Blue Dwarf find themselves trapped by the murderous intentions of Tara Cleavage who became psychopathic and tried to kill the whole crew.  During the commotion Plisken was thrown into an alternate universe as he accidentally switched places Ransom Macintyre. The crew is filled with mixed emotions as Tara damaged their trust and respect for each other while hoping to turn them against each other. However when in this bad situation the crew managed to pull together and survive this insane encounter. However the crew did not escape without scars and trauma.

First Appearance

Later on the VR Resort is destroyed by an unknown space event.