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This article consists mostly or solely of information about the out-of-character or real world.
This article consists mostly or solely of information about the out-of-character or real world.

RPG-Directory, commonly abbreviated to RPG-D and internally referred to as the 'D, is a role-playing community, resource and service board that exists since at least February 2006.[1] It is one of the bigger and more well-known online role-playing boards with roughly thirty board members, "The Staff", that maintain it. The RPG-Directory also offers its members a place for role-playing resources and advertisement.


RPG-Directory provides several options for its members to improve their own role-playing skills, guiding them in how to start up role-plays, and for the more experienced to offer advice.

Expect for offering resources in graphic design, RPG-D has various places on its website to advertise role-plays or role-playing communities. Additionally, it also provides links to featured communities, chosen by its members.


A community standing for over five years, RPG-Directory has been founded in February 2006. The current owner and administrator of RPG-Directory is The Mad Hattress.


RPG-Directory offers members internal contests that they can compete in on the board to earn badges, usergroups, and more advertising of their own site. They run challenges in graphics, writing, coding, and also other directory/community features.

They've expanded into RPGD-University recently where members can teach, present, and watch classes that members and staff run. These classes cover role-playing basics, coding, graphics, and general classes that people want to know more about.

Notes and references

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