Prax Jarvin is an active simmer who rose to prominence within the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Primarily associated with the USS Potemkin (SLA), Prax has been a host, Fleet Captain and SLA Council Member in his 14 year career.

In real life, Prax is an educator, writer and social media commentator.

Simming Career

Early Career

A lifelong Star Trek fan, Prax stumbled across AOL Chatroom simming by accident. While working for the fantasy chatroom RPG club Kingdom of the Golden Horn in 1999, Prax found chatrooms dedicated to Star Trek vessel to vessel combat. After a few forays into this world, Prax was recruited into the Galactic Star Federation (GSF). Here he joined the USS Revolution simulation, an AOL chartroom sim on Sunday nights. Prax, then in eighth grade, was not a consistent member of the group for the first year and was slow to be promoted. By mid-2000, he was a member in good standing. In early 2001, Prax helped to reboot the Revolution by making it into an Akira-class and helping to author some plots. However, by May 2001 the Revolution and GSF were defunct.

Shortly before the Revolution went under, Prax auditioned for the USS Potemkin (USF) by playing a sentient EMH. After three guest sim spots, he was turned down. At the same time, Prax along with another individual simmer from the GSF formed the independent AOL chatroom sim Starbase Gamma One. After a few test sims with a crew of four, the sim fell apart. By July 2001, Prax was simless.

Aboard the Potemkin

In late July 2001, while looking for technical specifications for the Akira-class to start work on his own sim, Prax came across the website for the USS Potemkin. After reading up on the sim, Prax decided to apply. Originally, he played a Bolian Character named Molom. Prax had toyed with some crazier character combinations including non-sentient EMH, Mess Hall Chef, etc. Fortunately, Potemkin CO Christiaan Back talked Prax into submitting a more grounded character. After three sims of playing as Molom, Prax retired the character. In consultation with Back, Prax devised the character that would define his simming career and give him his internet persona: Prax Jarvin. Conceived as a liberated Borg drone of Bajoran Descent, Prax was introduced as an engineering crewmen to upset the apple cart. He was a foil to some interpersonal relationships and meant to contrast with the low-key and slightly humorous tone of the other Potemkin crew.

Prax quickly made behind the scenes friendships with Back, Garrett Brighton, Warp, and Tom Arnet, who joined the sim only a month after Prax. Under Back's tutelage, Prax ran his very first Potemkin plot only a month after joining the sim. This sim introduced what would become a long-running adversary for the Potemkin, the Trai'Dar. Prax submitted a few more plots to Back, however they were put on hiatus in lieu of stories setting up the departure of Back's character in December 2001. With Warp's ascent to Commanding Officer in 2002, Prax was afforded more opportunities to submit and run plots. Though still wet behind the ears, Prax learned quickly and formed a close bond with Warp. During the summer of 2002, Prax was recommended to Garrison Powers for the position of Executive Officer of the USS Lionheart. Prax was among a group of strong candidates that Powers interviewed for the position of XO. Prax was among three finalists for the position who were brought in to test sim with the Lionheart crew. Here, Prax learned he was in direct competition with Erika Rheyan, a fellow Potemkinite. Ultimately, he lost out to Rheyan, but he was close to Powers before the latter's disappearance from the simming world later that year. In late summer, Warp began courting Prax for the position of XO on the Potemkin for the soon-to-retire Brighton. The two had formed a close working relationship as Prax had begun submitting and running more and more plots. As part of his's swan song in the fall of 2002, Brighton wrote a plot line that placed Prax as a central character in the Potemkin. Working together, the current and future XO constructed a story arc that fleshed out Prax's past and set up some of his future. Brighton stepped down in December of 2002.

On January 2, 2003, Prax was promoted to Executive Officer of the Potemkin. As Warp and Prax had slowly planned the transition from Brighton to Prax since the summer of 2002, Prax ran his first plot as executive officer on his very first night. Warp and Prax considered themselves a hosting team, rather than a CO and XO, and would often construct and run plots together. The two developed a strong working relationship and could rely on each other to create story ideas on the fly. Both garnered a reputation for inventing plots the night the same night they were run and began surprising themselves with the outcomes! During the summer of 2003, Prax ran a seven part story arc featuring the race he'd started his Potemkin writing career with, the Trai'Dar. For this plot, he created 30 ships with backgrounds, dedications and command crews to flesh out the battles. The storyline, well received by the crew, solidified Prax's reputation as a bombastic writer. Near the end of 2003, a conflict between Prax and some of the longtime crew over the limitations on god-like powers resulted in five people leaving the sim for good.

Briefly in early 2004, Prax became the de facto CO of the Potemkin when Warp briefly considered stepping away from simming. However, Warp took some time off and came back to the sim recharged for its Tenth Anniversary. In 2005, Warp spearheaded the transition from AOL to IRC-based simming, as both Warp and Prax were versed in IRC from their stints on the USS Pegasus. The transition was a big hit with the crew and revitalized the sim. Shortly after, Bom Mobom joined the Potemkin. A professional writer by trade, Bom made early forays into writing plots and very quickly came be to considered a member of the creative staff. When Tom Arnet returned to the sim in the same year, he too, began contributing plots more frequently and as well began to be viewed as one of the creatives. At this time, Warp and Prax expanded upon their idea of a hosting team and unofficially added Arnet, Bom and Arkin - the character name of Erika Rheyan - to hosting staff of the Potemkin. While Prax and Warp still supplied the majority of the plots over the next years, the variety of having three other contributing writers spiced up the same and kept many players on their toes.

By 2006, the Potemkin was bottlenecked with very-active, long term simmers. Warp and Prax both bumped themselves up in rank within the sim in order to allow for more promotions. Prax continued on as XO of the Potemkin until 2010. However, Prax didn't retire from simming, but felt that with the increase in responsibility to his job and that he'd written as many stories as he could, he stepped down from XO. In 2011, Prax introduced the character of Drogan Aklar, a joined Trill scientist. Prax is still an active member of the Potemkin and contributes plots and will serve in host capacity from time to time.

Prax has garnered a reputation on the Potemkin for writing one log a year, but they usually be several pages in length.

Other Sims

While Prax has long been associated with the Potemkin, he has participated in other sims as well, both inside and outside the SLA. Shortly after Seth Cotis left the Potemkin in 2001, he began play testing a Star Wars prequel-era sim. After creating story elements, he recruited Prax and Kalie Corin from the Potemkin to act as players and Co-Hosts. However, after two months of testing, the sim was shuttered. In 2002, Prax became one of the founding members of Seth's Starbase 27 sim in the SLA. However, due to scheduling conflicts, he was forced to bow out before the summer. In 2003, after becoming XO of the Potemkin, the SLA Council offered Prax the chance to reboot Outpost Cousteau, plans were drawn up and XO was found, but that direction for OPC was not pursued. Prax and Seth again worked together when Seth launched Stargate Atlantis: SGA-3 in 2004/2005. Seth picked Prax to be his Executive Officer for SGA3 and they began working on story arcs almost immediately. The two put together a crew and ran a handful of chat-room based sims before Seth's death in 2005. Afterward, Prax continued as CO of SGA-3 but several months afterward the sim had to be closed down for low attendance.

Throughout Prax's SLA tenure, he has played a part in the USS Jules Verne, under the command of Bom Mobom; Firefly: Independence, under the command of Warp and Prax's first MB sim; Torchwood 10, under the command of Tavey Burgon. Because of his auditioning for the XO spot on the Lionheart, Prax has always had a soft spot and has made various appearances either as Prax Jarvin from the Potemkin or his own characters. From 2007 until February 2009, Prax was a full-time member of the Lionheart. He joined at the behest of Erika Rheyan, with whom he had a close friendship OCC and in character relationship with on the Potemkin. Shortly after her death in 2009, Prax left the Lionheart.

Prax has rarely simmed outside the SLA after joining in 2001. His one exception was the former SLA sim, USS Pegasus - formerly under the FSF before its closing in 2010. Prax joined the Pegasus for three extended periods between 2004-2010. At various times several members of the Potemkin played on the Pegasus both as part of the SLA and as part of the FSF. The Pegasus was often quoted as being the sister ship to the Potemkin both in and out of character.

SLA Council

Shortly after becoming host of the Potemkin in 2003, Prax ran for and won the Electorate Chair on the SLA Council. He replaced Garret Brighton in the role, who he'd previously replaced as Potemkin XO. Prax took to the role quickly and became a strong voice for the average simmer in the SLA Council. During his tenure, Prax introduced a monthly "Town Hall" meeting in order to best gauge how other hosts and simmers felt about the Council and its policies. Prax encouraged other councillors to attend the meetings to get out and meet the broader hosting body. Due to concerns about transitioning to college life, Prax stood down from the electorate chair during the summer of 2004. Because of the close working relationship Prax formed with Seth, Warp, Erika Rheyan and Stacey Jordan, Prax was kept on the council mailstring as an unofficial advisor. Even in this unofficial capacity, Prax remained an aggressive voice to the council. Prax had already garnered a reputation for speaking his mind, regardless of how others on the council would feel about it. This attitude lead to a conflict between Seth and Prax on the council string in December 2004. While Seth admitted that he might be wrong about the situation, he removed Prax from the council mailing list and ended Prax's advisory status.

In September 2005, Prax was appointed by the Council to be the Fleet Captain of Cochrane Fleet. In this role, Prax tried to unite the fleet as never before. Plans for a Fleetwide Sim never materialized, but a crossover between the Potemkin and Lionheart did happen because of legwork borne out of the Fleetwide Sim. Prax again utilized town hall meetings as a means of meeting the COs and XOs under his watch and for hearing their complaints and wants. From one of these meetings, Prax appointed Robert Clenner as his Fleet XO. In early 2006, Prax launched the successful Cochrane Fleet awards. With awards targeted at writing ability, character development and ability of the command staff, the Cochrane Fleet Awards were devised to celebrate the best of Cochrane Fleet while offering a fair bit of competitiveness amongst the sims. During this time, Prax became embroiled in the political crises of the Post-Seth SLA. Prax was invited to take part in the initial draft phase of the Charter Rewrite by Warp. While Prax generally signed off on the major points of Warp's new charter, he did take a direct hand in shaping some of the verbiage of the free expression clauses in the new charter. Prax fought hard to pass the charter as written, even voting in opposition to some clauses even Warp had acquiesced to. The charter renewal took place during a hectic four months with a lot of political infighting. By May 2006 though, a new Charter had been approved and all previous council positions were negated.

Prax ran unopposed for the role of Publications Chair under the new charter in May 2006. After taking on the role, Prax created the Federation News Service mailing list to more directly get the SLA Monthly into the hands of the SLA's simmer, as it was felt the previous system relied too much on e-mails being forwarded to be forwarded. Prax defended Pam during the Censure Debate which was one of the many factors that lead to her leaving the SLA in 2006. However, Prax was one of the strongest voices advocating for Warp to become Moderator Chair in August 2006. Soon after Warp was elected to Moderator Chair, Prax left the position of Publications Chair due to real life obligations. After taking some time off from the council, Prax again ran for the position of Cochrane Fleet Host Panelist in December 2006. It was felt this position would allow Prax the ability to be on the council and giving advice without having to be bogged down with a large work load. Prax again ran for Publications Chair on the council in June 2007. The position had gone unfilled for the previous six months.

Prax's second tenure as Publications Chair was more active and resulted in a totally revamped Monthly publication. Designed like a professional newsletter, the Monthly spotlit sims across the SLA, their players and the Fleet Status Reports submitted to the fleet Captains. During this time, Prax also launched Facebook and MySpace pages for the SLA which became very popular amongst the players. These pages allowed hosts and simmers to interact with one another and recruit of their sims. Prax also ran polls on the Ten Forward message boards to see where the SLA's general membership felt the organization should be moving. During the summer of 2008, Prax oversaw a revamp of the Ten Forward message board: sections were reorganized, verbiage was changed and the overall user experience was streamlined so one could get to their sim's foam in as few clicks as possible. Prax briefly became the overseer of the SLA's Host Academy when Erika Rheyan took an extended leave of absence. This was particularly ironic, as Prax had long been opposed to the Host Academy, feeling that the best way to train new hosts was to have them learn by doing. Prax continued in the role of Publications Chair until May 2009, when he stepped down due to real life issues. Prax was kept on the council mailstring as an advisor to the council because of his knowledge of the SLA Charter and years of experience with the SLA. In 2010, the honorary position of SLA Chief Administrator was created for Prax. The position was given to him because of his active status in maintaining the Ten Forward message board. As of 2013, Prax has scaled back his involvement in advising the council and as Chief Admin, though he still contributes to important discussions about the SLA's future.


  • Galactic Star Federation (GSF)
    • USS Revolution NCC-75289-A/B
      • Lieutenant Commander Rockport "Rocky" Morris, Tactical Officer/Operations Officer. Part-Human, Part-Klingon. (1999-2001)
  • Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA)
    • USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
      • Captain Prax Zeddar Jarvin, Executive Officer/Engineering Officer. Bajoran, Former Borg Drone. (2001-2010)
      • Lieutenant Dorgan Aklar, Assistant Chief Science Officer. Joined Trill. (2010-2013)
      • NPCs: Rear Admiral Rokan, Romulan Commander. Lt. Uatu, Deltan Engineer.
    • Starbase 27
      • Lieutenant, Junior Grade Rockport "Rocky" Morris, Nightshift Operations Officer. Part-Human, Par-Klingon (2002) (Ostensibly the same character as the Revolution)
    • USS Lionheart NCC-75011
      • Lieutenant Gareth Tyler, Engineering Officer, Human. (2007-2009)
    • Stargate Atlantis: SGA-3
      • Dr. Horatio Atherton, Commanding Civillian, Human. (2004-2005)
    • Torchwood 10
      • Dr. Gareth Tyler, Professor of Biological Anthropology.
    • Firefly: Independence
      • Shepherd Simon Templar.
  • Federation Sim Fleet (FSF)
    • USS Pegasus NCC-63847
      • Commander Slor, Klingon Defense Force Exchange Officer, Klingon. (2004-2005)
      • Horatio Blanziflor Atherton, Science Officer, Human. (2006-2007, 2009-2010)
      • NPCs: Mirror Prax (Mirror Universe Version of Potemkin's Prax), Lt. Molom, Zakdorn Security Officer.

Governmental Positions

  • Starfleet Legacy Alliance Council
    • Electorate Chair (April 2003-April 2004)
    • Advisor to the SLA Council (April 2004 - January 2005)
    • Fleet Captain - Cochrane Fleet (September 2005 - May 2006)
    • Publications Chair (May 2006 - August 2006)
    • Host Panelist - Cochrane Fleet (December 2006 - June 2007)
    • Publications Chair (June 2007 - May 2009)
    • Advisor to the SLA Council (May 2009 - Present)
    • SLA Chief Administrator - Ten Forward Message Board (2010 - Present)

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