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Phoenix Roleplaying is a multi-genre role-playing site with 24 active forum role-plays to its name. Six of these are set in the Firefly universe, but the club also has role-plays in Star Wars, Stargate, Baldur's Gate and a number of other famous series - in addition, the club has a number of original role-plays such as The Dark Cometh and Fighter Ops.

History and governance

Phoenix Roleplaying saw the light of day in August 2010 as a play-by-post role-playing network, following the mass withdrawal of its founding members from AJJE Games (frequently referred to by players as "the old country") in a protest over government policy and the brief existence of DDC Games. The founding core of Phoenix were thus motivated by creating an environment where writers and roleplayers could have fun in a fair and democratic community.

As such, it has a democratically elected government under a General Coordinator (currently Misty Wilson, the fourth such coordinator) and legislation decided in member votes.

The club has no rank system and any member is allowed to create a role-play.


General Coordinator

  • Misty Wilson: January 2015 – present
  • Jason Andersen: August 2014 - November 2014 (removed from post for going AWOL)
  • Silent Hunter: May 2012 - July 2014
  • Ash Leighton Plom 8 December 2010- May 2012
  • Martial Law: August 2010 - 8 December 2010


Selected Role-plays

Title Active Sim Owner Game Master (Where different) Fictional Universe (if applicable) Genre Members
The Dark Cometh 2013–present Misty Wilson Raven Warner Original setting Fantasy, superpower 5
USS Athena September 2014 - May 2016 Misty Wilson Kevin Diamond Star Trek Star Trek 7
Fighter Ops August 2011 - 2014 Silent Hunter Original setting Modern day, action-adventure, military 4
Greenleaf Skyplex (PRP) 2011–present Kevin Diamond Firefly Space Western
Kvant (Phoenix Roleplaying) 2011 - 2015 Silent Hunter Firefly Space Western, mercenary
The A-Team: Alpha Six 2013 - November 2015 Silent Hunter The A-Team Modern day, action-adventure 4
The West Star (PRP) Star Wars Science-fiction
Cydonia September 2011 – present Firefly Space Western
Wing Commander: From The Ashes March 2013 – present Silent Hunter Assisted by ksabers Wing Commander Science fiction, military
The Triple First February 2011 - November 2014 Silent Hunter Doctor Who Science fiction, time travel 4
Jewel of Hera August 2014 - November 2014 Silent Hunter Firefly Space Western, cruise ship
Covert-81 May 2015 – present (recreation of a AJJE Games sim) Silent Hunter Silent Hunter and Ironette Original setting Action-adventure, espionage, 1980s
Atlantis 2010–present James McGuire Firefly Space Western, mercenary
Area 88: Crimson Skies January 2015 – present Kevin Diamond Area 88 Modern day, action-adventure, military
Odyssey October 2010 - 2016 Mischa Brendel Jason Andersen Firefly Space Westerm
Dark Matter: Alycidon January 2016 – present Silent Hunter Dark Matter Science-fiction

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