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The Ongoing Worlds Flashback Week is a recurring competition run by OngoingWorlds in which the participants are asked to write a backstory or flashback of one of their characters, showing a different point in their lives. The winner and finalists are then decided by a panel of judges. 


Year Winner Story
2014 Threnody Scary Carey
2013 Ed Brown Indelible Memories
2011 Chas Hammer Rage!

2014 Competition

Flashback week in 2014 was held between the 15th - 22nd November. The competition was won by Threnody for a story about the character "Scary Carey". 2 runners up were also announced.

Position Story Author
2nd "Savis" TiberiusCreations
3rd James LeChance MrXanadu


The judges were: Elena, Maximilliano Serna, Nugra, Cedrada, Ryan, Andrew B, Charles Star, David Ball.

2013 Competition

Flashback Week was held between the 31st August - 8th September 2013. The competition was won by Ed Brown for his story Indelible Memories. 2 runners up were also announced.

Position Story Author
2nd That Special Woman Billie
3rd The Bloody Snow Brogan Young


The judges were: Xexes, Aimee Shields Yankowski, Iz Stuart, Charles Star, Amy Drysdale, Dennis Archer, David Ball.

2011 Competition

Flashback week in 2011 took place between 14th - 21st August. This was the first year to also feature a competition. The competition was won by Chas Hammer for his story Rage!. Fourteen runners up were also announced:

Story Author
Clarisse du Volde Clarissa Marie
Commander Deitrich vonrose Roman Gitlarz
Diagnosis Adam Pracht
Four Nations Ruth Connelly
Fredda, lady winter Charlotte Willow-Edwards
Lawrence Trisees Ryan Eames
Lieutenant Saveron Sarah Eccles
Lucinda Steel Duri Aspire
Maisie Howard Izzy Stuart
Rites and Responsibilities John Wilson
Roquel Atrell Richard LeValley
Sienn t’Lovok Juliet Anderson
Warren deMontford Sue Wilson
Xanxa Symanah Sarah Xanxa Bartlett


The first Flashback week took place between 9th - 15th August 2010. This was originally intended to inspire writing, and did not also feature a competition like subsequent years.

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