The Omega Fleet Community was founded by Joshua Hina in 2003, though it has only existed for 3 years it has a long and strange history making it a known member in some areas of the simming community.

Key Staff of OFC:

Fleet CO: Joshua Hina
Fleet XO: Jay Galloway, Justin Snodgrass
Chief of Fleet Staff: Chris Miller
Co-Founder: Steven Parmley
Host and Image Coordinator: Monica Williams
Nate Ingram, Mr. Gordon, Matt Wood, Leane, Mike Lees, Brian Hill, Robert Werner, Josh Hrach, Stefen Moss
This is the majority of the persons involved in the organization.

A History of the Omega Fleet Community

It all began with Delta Task Force in mid 2003 when Joshua Hina, Jordan Renner and Steven Parmley joined together to create a small simm group. Josh acted as fleet CO and Parmley as fleet XO, after about a year of nothing Josh closed down the group to work on his program called the TNU project and the group remained largely null until in July of 2005 Josh along with the help of Mike Oldham, Brian Hill and Mike Lees restarted the group. Josh again being Fleet CO Oldham being fleet JAG and the other two remained Cos, the now called Omega Fleet then merged with another one of Steve Parmley’s groups Starfleet Consistency or SFC and created the Union Defense Force where Josh stepped down as Fleet CO to a task force commander and Ean Bennet took over as fleet XO when Toronto Fleet merged into the group in Dec of 2005. After a major issue with the sr. staff Ean left and Josh took over as XO just as jay Galloway and the crew of the USS Intel joined the fleet and its name was changed in Jan to the Omega Fleet Community. The group went thought small changes and some inactivity until March of 2006 when Josh resigned from the group and took him staff to create the UDC Fleet witch lasted untell April of 2006 when Josh remerged with Omega Fleet and Parmley was removed from office due to inactivity. The group in a state of shock was then commanded jointly by Jay Galloway, Joshua Hina and Justin Snodgrass. The Triad as it was called did not last long as Josh saw Justin as to inactive and the group changed once more to having a Fleet CO and XO Josh and Jay took those positions and Josh hired on Drew Kechen whom was thought to be involved in many problems because of this Jay left the group tired of Josh’s changes with the group and Chris Miller took over as Fleet XO in June of 2006. In the month of July Omega Fleet was appearing to die and Josh merged it into Utopia Prime. Unpleased with the merger most of OFs former staff left and Josh doing the only thing he could to keep his group in one peace backed out on the merger destroying OFs small amount of credibility. Recently Omega Fleet fully changed its name to the Omega Fleet Community and now is ran by a council and no longer just supports simming, its now operates as a fan based group with chapters and a President and Vice President of the council. Here is a list of groups OF worked with in its past.

Starfleet Consistency – Merged
Toronto Fleet - Merged
Starfleet Defensive Task Force – Affiliated with organization until may of 2006
Alpha Fleet – Affiliated with organization, AF canceled relations after an issue with OF staff.
Bravo Fleet – Open relations, legal conflicts
Federation Simm Fleet – Attempted in opening relations, denied in early stages by FSF CO.
The Simming League – Applications sent, entry denied however affiliation with this group still remains
TRCP Alliance – Full Member, open relations
Task Force Firefly – Relations Troubles, no current affiliation
Utopia Prime – Relations, Merger currently in bad standing with organization for backing out of merger
UDC Fleet – Merged
Task Force 254 – Attempted relations, denied in early stages
United Federation of Planets Defense Force – Currently affiliated with organization
The Systems Commonwealth High Guard – Sister Fleet, Honorary chapter, simms with organization

This document was compiled by Joshua Hina the current president of the OFC Executive Council on August 19, 2006.


The New Age(Delta Task Force) June 2003 - Aug. 2003 The Ice Age(DTFs death and reconstruction) Oct 2003 - May 2004 From June of 2004 to March of 2005 the DTF died and was moped away due to the creaters loss of access to the online world and the staff whom at that point in time did not care about the organization. Apr. 2005: Restart of DTF under a new name Omega Fleet May 2005: Entry of Brian Hill into the Simming World under Joshua Hinas direction. June 2005: Omega Fleet gose active and Mike Oldham the Frist Major JAG Officer joins the Fleet. July 2005: OF (Omega Fleet) starts to gain members. August 2005: Joshua Hina fears for the group as it starts to slow down. Sept. 2005: Steve Parmley involves Joshua Hina in his group TF11 of Toronto Fleet. Oct. 2005 Toronto Fleet dies, Josh fears for OFs existance again and marges in in to Steven Parmley other group Star Fleet Concistency creating the frist version of the OFC at that time named Union Defense Force. Nov. 2005: Jay Galloway and the USS Intel join the UDF along with Steve Greer and later on Chris Miller. Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006: Justin Snodgrass joins the group as UDF starts to pick up more simms and grow into a great group. Ian Bennett's Toronto Fleet is revived by Ian and the UDF to create todays OFC at that time under the name of Toronto Fleet. Feb. 2006: Toronto Fleet changes its name to Omega Fleet and opens its doors tot he simming world, before this point in Dec. JAG issues occur and are resolved in this month. Mar. 2006: Josh leaves late in the month after no activity, he leaves with the UDC and his COs. Apr. 2006: Steven Parmley is removed from the FCO postion in the fleet for inacti May though the end of the OFCs time are covered above in the main section of the history document.

Present Status

The OFC completely ceased operations in January 2007 after all aspects were merged into Siren Fleet. Only Shadow Fire remains from the groups once large group of sims.

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