The Oberth Seven was an unofficial group for the first seven players on the first recorded simulation, the USS Oberth. As group, from the founding of the USS Oberth in March 1987, until the official establishment of a fleet of simulations in October 1988, the seven original crew members worked as a team unofficially to design and run both the online game and the games that they are using. The agreement for the Oberth Seven is that while once they split up and were no longer on the same ship, the commanding officers of the game were for the most part free to do as he or she pleases, things that would cross over such as major events, or played ship names were put to an unofficial vote.

The last unofficial act passed by the Oberth Seven was also the first act as a fleet in October 1988, and that was the passing of what was to be the annual fleetwide mission.


The following are the ships developed by the players of the Oberth Seven.