The OMEGA Victory was a Star Trek chat sim that ran between 1998 and ca 2001. During its career, the Victory served in the Online Simulations Association (OSA) and the Interstellar Simming Confederation (ISC).


The sim began on June 13, 1998, and joined the OSA in August of that year as part of the merger that created the OSA. The Victory left the OSA in March of 1999 when its commanding officer, William Halsey, established the ISC. The sim fizzled sometime in late 2000 or early 2001.

The ship simmed Wednesday nights at 8pm eastern time in a chat room on America Online.


The Victory was a Sovereign class starship, with 39 decks and a length of 740 meters, dedicated to black-ops missions. The Victory was accompanied by an Escort class ship, the OMEGA Rage-A; the two ships could dock via the Victory's specially modified shuttle bay.

Like its sister sim, Starbase Black Destiny, the OMEGA Victory and OMEGA Rage-A and their crews did not carry Starfleet markings. Rather, they employed distinctive red and black coloring and featured a red delta with a black lighting bolt for insignia.

The ship's motto was "Victory is ours forever."

Command Staff