Murderhouse is a game that takes place at the haunted woods.


Several murderers, having gotten lost on a road in the middle of nowhere, have tried to find their way back, but it gets dark before they leave the Imposing Forest. They miraculously find a House to explore. It has been rumored that great things are hidden in the place and the criminals are eager to find them. But after spending a little time in the house, they find out one thing:

This house is haunted.

All sorts of things are coming at the outlaws that intend to reduce them to skeletons. And to make things worse, somebody has betrayed them all.

How will anybody survive?


When the murderers first enter the house, they explore it. This RPG takes place in turns. On your turn, you may move a number of rooms equal to your Speed. Bringing me to:


You have 4 stats: Strength, Speed, Intelligence, and Sanity. Their starting values depend on the chosen character. They go down one slot every time a stat is Attacked, but they don't always go down one number. If the slot reaches the skull, you die for the round.

What in earth was that?

Rooms do different things. Some rooms are event rooms. When an event room is first discovered, then an Event is randomly selected from the Events list. Events can be good, bad, or in between. Item rooms give you a random item when discovered. Items are generally helpful. Omen rooms give you a random omen when discovered. Omens are helpful, but increase the chance of the haunt beginning.


Make attacks by rolling 2 dice and increasing your roll by the stat you are rolling with. All individual dice results are reduced by 1.

If you roll higher, reduce a stat by the excess. This is usually the stat you are attacking with, though there are exceptions.

Monsters can attack too, though they will take damage if defeated.

The haunt!

When an omen is discovered, roll one die for each omen discovered so far. If the result is more than 6, the haunt begins.

When the haunt begins, a haunt is selected based on a table. Somebody is then selected to be a traitor from a list, which is dependent on what the haunt is and usually who got the omen that triggered the haunt.

The rest of the haunt rules is on the haunts page.

The golden rule

This page gives the general rules. Cards and rooms add special rules, so if a card or room disagrees with this page, follow the card or room. If a card disagrees with a room, follow the card.

(a card is an event, item, or omen.)