Monee Frogks is a corruption of the name Plisken gave to the tripedal aliens that the Dwarfers encountered on Fool’s Paradise, the original being Money Frogs. Due to the nature of Monee Frogks speech, clicks and whistles, this became what it is now.
Monee Frogks1

Monee Frogks


Tripedal aliens that have various shades of grey for skin. They have three black eyes and three arms, each with a hand with three fingers. Their clothing tends to just be cloaks or robes draped over their back, though obviously armour is worn too.


The Monee Frogks are the inhabitants of a distant planet, one that is constantly under attack from the enemy, know only to the Dwarfers as ‘The Hive’. Locked in a deadly war with ‘The Hive’, their home planet soon began to suffer as badly as their outer colonies. Prompted by their impending defeat and likely extinction, the Monee Frogks sought new and more advanced weaponry that had been left scattered though out the galaxy by Humanity, or ‘The Ancients’ as they are known to the Monee Frogks. In their quest, they discovered a planet that would later be named Fools Paradise, the paradise planet that the crew of the Blue Dwarf used for some vacation.

In the legends of the Monee Frogks, from millennia ago, the then primitive race was visited by a strange man, know as Klockendike, which would translate to Man of X or the Unknown Man, who was the first man to give them War in the form of swords. He was said to be the father of the Deeemonksss and they were the perfect Ancients, though who or what they were remains a mystery. Alhough, Klocehk, the head scientist at one of the bases, said that the mightiest warrior of them all was called Plik-isss-kin. Plik-isss-kin would become a common name for any soldier or warrior in the Monee Frogk society.