MFI Sim is a division of Maquis Forces International, a Star Trek fan organization of 800+ registered members. As a division it is led by a Tier-III Level Division Head carrying the title of 'Division Co-Ordinator'. The division reports into the organization Chief of Operations.

The division is an outreach of the organization into role-playing, as role-playing is not the central activity of the organization. It came into being, in its current form as a division in 2007 with a small team of role-players. The inaugural division head was Sam Bibb, with a small group of role-players supporting the project.

It directly originated from a 'Maquis Forces Sim' yahoo group that took place with a small group of role-players in 2007. The role-playing that took place in 2007 - 2009 was predominantly small scale and took place on a n internal mailman mailing list. Despite this, the origins may extend back a few years prior to this although the author of this article can not assure the authenticity of claims to origin further back than 2007.

The current head of the division is Marc Easterly. As it is not limited by one central organizing role-playing principle such as PBEM or Bulletin-board the division has been able to expand the outreach project into other areas of the organization to accommodate the wishes of its members such as through D&D style role-playing and fan fiction.

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