LeaderFed is a former Star Trek simmer who served as the President of the Federation Fan and Sim Club (FFSC) from April to August 1997.


Also see: The Wars of Trek Online

LeaderFed was elected as the President of the Federation Fan and Sim Club in April 1997. In May, he publicly declared his intention to takeover the Trek Online sim club and launched a campaign to that end, planting spies within Trek Online and sending raiders to disrupt the club's sims in the hope that Trek Online would capitulate to his demands. Instead, Trek Online responded by keeping its members apprised of events, making public overtures of peace, and working privately with those within the FFSC who were dissatisfied with LeaderFed's direction. On May 31, Trek Online and the FFSC signed a peace treaty.

The peace treaty caused turmoil within the FFSC. Raiders who had been employed by LeaderFed to attack Trek Online turned and attacked the FFSC. Senior officials within the FFSC, unhappy with LeaderFed, revolted and briefly toppled him as President. LeaderFed, however, fought back and regained control. In early August, his account was suspended by America Online. Uridien was elected as the new president of the FFSC and LeaderFed disappeared from the simming community.