Kvant was a Firefly-based sim on Phoenix Roleplaying. Revolving around a private military company, the sim is a comedic affair with a strong edge of satire (especially of British television), inspired by Howard Tayler's Hugo-nominated web comic Schlock Mercenary.


The Eagles of Warsaw are an elite mercenary group who travel the 'Verse, tackling ruthless pirates, vicious Reavers... and rabid music fans. The crew of Kvant, after an embarrassing incident involving a cargo shuttle and a Skyplex, are now having to deal with the latter. Given a chance to redeem themselves by protecting the radioactive thrash band Girls With Exploding Guitars, they find themselves unsure who needs protecting more...

Simming history

Kvant, opened in January 2011, was the first Firefly sim created at Phoenix Roleplaying that was not a transfer of a sim from AJJE Games, although the idea had been gestating in 'the old country' with a key NPC, Colonel Anna Maczarek having featured there.

After undergoing several changes of players, it was closed down in April 2014.


It won the 2012 Simulation Cup prize for Outstanding Firefly sim.

Command Timeline

2011-2014: Silent Hunter


The sim is named after two modules of the former Russian space station Mir - the name is Russian for "quantum".

The fictional children's show Saturday Mix is inspired by the British show Tiswas.

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