Kris "Scott" Perry is a former Star Trek simmer. A Vice Admiral in Trek Online, Scott was the commanding officer of the USS Independence and played a central role in the 1997 Wars of Trek Online. For a brief period he served as the President of Trek Online.



Scott began his simming career on eWorld, a short lived Apple Computer online service that was shut down in 1996. Scott moved to America Online and joined several sims, including the USS Vindicator (TOL) and the USS Independence (TOL).

Trek Online

Also see The Wars of Trek Online

During the fall of 1996, Scott introduced to each other the leaders of the UFP/SF (later the United Simulation Group (USG)), in which the USS Vindicator simmed, and the Independence group, in which the USS Independence simmed. This relationship bore fruit and the two groups merged their sims in December 1996. Unfortunately, in a case of bad timing, Patrick Lynch, the leader of the Independence Group and commander of the USS Independence, briefly lost access to AOL as the merger was executed, leaving Scott, the first officer of the Independence, to inform the crew of the merger. A disgruntled crew member, Uridien, felt that Scott had sold out the sim and worked to actively oppose the merger and attack Scott.

The merger itself did not go well, as Chip Rollins, the President of the USG, and Chas Hammer, the Vice President, clashed with Scott. Frustrated, Chip resigned as President on January 19, 1997. Chas became the new president, and merged the USG into his sim club, Trek Online. In a display of unity, Chas named Scott as his Vice President, but the two continued to fight, both in private and public, and Chas resigned as President on January 31, 1997, leaving Scott in charge of the club.

Frustrated by Uridien's attacks, Scott's first action as President was to issue everyone in the club several demerits, which could be removed with hard work, service, and a demonstration of loyalty. In response, Trek Online revolted. Even members of Scott's ship, the USS Independence, left his banner and clamored for Chas to return. On February 1, Chas once again became President of the club. Scott offered to resign, but Chas allowed him to remain in command of the Independence and keep his rank of Vice Admiral. He, however, would no longer be the Vice President.

Throughout the winter and spring of 1997, Uridien continued his campaign against Scott and Trek Online. In April, the Federation Fan and Sim Club (FFSC) joined the fey, and successfully raided several TOL sims. By now reconciled, Scott and Chas worked together to counteract the FFSC. Ultimately, the FFSC backed off and signed a peace treaty with Trek Online in June.


Scott retired from command of the USS Independence on July 19, 1997, but he remained active in TOL behind the scenes for a number of years - most notably as the person to go to for help when there was a troublemaker. In addition, Scott ran a chat based Star Trek trivia session for TOL for several years. It was also his idea for TOL to become a simming republic, but he did not take part in the debates that shaped the TOL Constitution.