Kepler Station is an indepdent Star Trek Play By Board (PBB).


Kepler Station became active in Bravo Fleet on 25 February 2009. On 9 January 2011 left the fleet to become a founding member of Task Force 92, until the Task Force disbanded in which case the sim became independent and has remained so since.

The sim is fueled by the collaboration between writers both for mission posts and in the out of character community (not public). There is some semblance to plot but the writers like to focus on their character's development and interactions. In July 2011 Sero (then CO) left to pursue a career in writing.

At the time of its closure, a number of players from U.S.S. Archimedes (Ind) moved to Kepler Station. Brian was one such player and took over the running of the sim in mid 2011.



Kepler Station was built in 2325 in the Bellatrix system. Though the design is based on the Regula-1 space station, Kepler was a prototype station, intended to replace the aging Regula-1 stations. However, it quickly became clear that the station, though quite a bit larger than the Regula-1 stations, would not be large enough to handle the kind of traffic that flowed through many Federation starbases. Starfleet expanded the design in favor of what eventually became the Regula-2 class station, which served as the main design for many starbases, including Starbases 173 and 257.

Kepler was used as a secondary science station after the construction of a Regula-2 in orbit around Bellatrix, and was eventually abandoned in 2379. Starfleet returned to Kepler in 2384, deciding to salvage the station and place it in the Delta Quadrant to support exploration efforts there, the effort and cost of moving and retrofitting the station being less than constructing a new station from scratch. By early 2385, the station was operational, under the command of Captain Gregory Blake.

However, Kepler was not to have a placid life cataloging artifacts and supplying science vessels. Late in 2385, a spatial anomaly transported the station from the Delta Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant, placing it squarely in the Gavarian Frontier in an area of unclaimed space between the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Empire.

Kepler became the center of a new exploratory force in the Gavarian Corridor until early 2386, when the station once again fell victim to a spatial and temporal anomaly, which transported the station back to the Alpha Quadrant, into one of the few unexplored regions left in that area of space, and caused the station to jump forward five months in time. In the Expanse, Kepler finds itself between more trouble than simply the Cardassians and Romulans; instead, the Cardassians, Tholians, Breen, Tzenkethi and Ferengi are all nearby, as are the Badlands, with the nearest Federation installation being Deep Space 9.

In late 2386 the Captain of the station disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr was appointed the new commanding officer of the station. In that time the station has played host to Breen assassins, a telepathic parasite, and has taken a beating from an asteroid field which left it crippled and in need of major repair.

Following months of negotiation and review, the decision was finally made to replace the ageing Regula-class station with a brand new Midway-class which completed construction in August of 2387.


  • Mission 0: Hello, my name is Kepler...
    • Typical meet and greet introductory mission. Crew arrive via the Iconian gateway on the assigned support vessel, or dropped off by other vessels already in the area. Then some idiot flips a switch, pushes a button and all hell breaks loose...
  • Mission 1: Darwin's Malady
    • The Tiddleoffs are coming! We have no idea who these beings of the Delta Quadrant are but they're coming. Other fun filled activities on Kepler include a murder mystery, a real whodunnit with a candlestick in the Orchids & Jazz lounge. And holy borgsicles! We've just found a real live (see deactivated) Borg Drone in one of our science storage stasis chambers. This will not end well...
  • Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork
    • Having lost a nacelle to the Tiddleoffs, U.S.S. Discovery limps to Kepler Station. A swarm of new staff, crew and their children make themselves at home, leaving engineering to clean up the big mess. A team of scientists, protected by marines, go planetside to Acheron and investigate a crystal city, while those left on station wine and dine the Havians a species that have a perverse idea as to what is fun... What could go wrong...
  • Interlude: Rutherford's Spork: The Finish Line
    • During this interlude those who had been off station for missions or leave return to Kepler.
  • Mission 3: Halley's Complaint
    • A pesky comet passes close by Kepler, intermittently affecting the station's power supply. It also strands some of Kepler's marine fighters in space, having completely fried their systems. Rescue is imminent, while back on Kepler mayhem, hilarity and snogging ensue. Eww...
  • Side Event: TF38 Black Tie Event
    • Captain Blake and his Acting XO Lieutenant Isis Rae, attend a black tie event to meet the new Task Force Commanding Officer. Both Isis and Greg receive unwanted promotions, mingle with their peers, dance, get accosted by a reporter and wonder if everyone is crazy.
  • Mission 4: A Lovelace Ordinary
    • A month after that pesky comet passes by, the denizens of Kepler prepare the station for the imminent arrival of the Task Force Commanding Officer. The woman not so fondly referred to as the Ice Queen will be conducting an inspection and torturing the senior staff with a tedious formal event. Help us!!!
  • Mission 5: Schrodinger's Station
    • During the wee hours of the morning, the self destruct sequence suddenly initiates and counts down from five minutes. Pajama clad, half asleep denizens of Kepler Station are forced to abandon their homes with no idea why. Holy *^#@!
  • Mission 6: Herschel's Kisses
    • The few remaining crew of Kepler Station settle back into their home, albeit with a new backyard, while they await their fate. In the meantime there is plenty of work to do, fixing systems, securing science experiments and ensuring the health and safety of all. Everyone realises they'll have to pitch in and maybe do jobs they weren't trained for, but so long as everyone is all right and our Romulan neighbours don't get shifty, we should be fine. Until that is someone bakes some special muffins...
  • Mission 7: Maynard's Fright
    • A week after their strange arrival, Kepler receives a distress call from S.S. Dalliance, a civilian transport ship. They claim to have been attacked by a Starfleet vessel and are in dire need of assistance. The XO saddles up Harbinger and goes to help. Meanwhile those on Kepler warily keep watch on Romulan space, because if there is going to be a threat, then that is where it will come from. Right? Ernh! Wrong! What the hell is that out the viewport...
  • Shoreleave: Arrival of the Eclipse
    • Two months after the the events of Maynard's Fright, new crew and civilian contractors arrive on Kepler. Meanwhile life carries on for the Keplerites.
  • Mission 8: Tombaugh's Garden
    • The science colony on Anticulo IV invite Kepler's science nerds down for a meet and greet. They also take a few engineers with them to check up and tune the colonists equipment and fusion reactor, which provides the power for the colony. Meanwhile those on Kepler are ordered to attend Violet's party in the arboretum. It's the perfect opportunity for the stressed crew to unwind and get to know the newer members of the crew in an off duty and peaceful setting...
  • Side Event: Eat, Drink and be Merry
    • The commanding officers of Task Force 47 join Commodore Gregory Blake for a boys' night out with gambling and drinking. This party is sadly gatecrashed by women including a CO's wife, the Commodore's little sister and Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite.
  • Side Event: Attack of the Giant Orange Floaty Thing
    • A careless act sees a temporary rift torn in space and a strange creature escapes into our universe.
  • Mission 9: Freud's Hostage
    • A few weeks have passed since the events on Anticulo IV and the sudden appearance of Lieutenant Bradley Halifax. Things have quieted down once more on the station, Hippocrates is currently in the corridor doing some routine stuff while Harbinger is out on escort duty until it is needed for a science excursion. The civilian vessel FMS Mayfair has just arrived at Kepler, bringing with them some new personnel and a few civilians to take up residence with us. Unbeknown to us all, they also deliver something that will bring destruction, danger, torment and terror to us all...
  • Mission 10: Long Walk off a Short Planck
    • The station is lacking power in some areas, bereft a whole module and is overall in a very sad state. So are its denizens who are left to pick up the pieces after the terrorist attack. Approximately twenty-four hours after it ends the Commodore is relieved from active duty by the XO and CMO due to his injuries and supposed alcoholism. A memorial service is scheduled to be held to remember and farewell those who have perished and then just when things look to be quieting down, the shit hits the fan once more >.<
  • Shoreleave: Honey, I'm Holm!
    • The crew of Kepler, in the midst of licking their wounds after a terrorist attack, suddenly find themselves transported to the other end of the galaxy. They are found by TF92's flagship and Rear Admiral Jeremiah William Holden immediately transfers over some of his crew, including an Acting CO, to help Kepler rebuild.
  • Mission 11 A: The Donkey's Brahe
    • The cadets are getting underfoot so the Chief Security / Tactical Officer and the Intel Chief take the rugrats out in Harbinger, for a cadet cruise. Taking bets on how many cadets will make it back alive :P
  • Mission 11: The Fibonacci Man
    • Back on the station, it has been a week since Kepler arrived in its new area of operations and personnel transferred from U.S.S. Endeavour. In that time a good amount of repairs have been completed, although the station is still not anywhere near being whole anytime soon. Kepler's denizens however pick up the pieces and continue on with their lives. However, for one particular person their life will expand, five times...
  • Mission 12: Fleming's Stratagem
    • With the sudden disappearance of Commodore Gregory Blake and the damage from the past few months mounting up it falls to Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr, the new sheriff of these parts, to bring together this weary crew and make the Station a hub in The Expanse worthy of representing Starfleet's interests.
  • Mission 13: Schwann-upmanship
    • With the United Federation of Planets now having a presence in The Expanse the balance of local powers has shifted. New agreements must be drawn up before nerves fray and any confrontations begin. To this end, a number of Diplomats, private companies, and independent merchants from around the region have been invited to Kepler Station to take part in formal negotiations. Under the watchful eye of Captain Bakyr and a team of Diplomats from within Task Force 92, this frontier sector must be organised into an efficient trade route that benefits all parties involved whether they be the major players in the area or small independent people trying to make a living.
  • Mission 14: Mission 14: Curieosity Killed The Cat
    • A rich deposit of strange minerals has been discovered, on the uninhabited planet Oratt IX, so a research team from Kepler Station has been sent to investigate. Upon arrival though the team soon discover that the uninhabited status of Oratt may have been an exaggeration when definite signs of civilization and possibly even space capabilities are detected. Trouble with their Runabout and sightings of Orion Syndicate Slave ships can only serve to make this seemingly routine exercise anything but.
  • Side Event: A Tiny Oversight
    • Rear Admiral Holden has established the Expanse Oversight Advisory to oversee Starfleet endeavours within The Expanse and offered up Kepler Station as base of operations for the new committee.
  • Mission 15: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier
    • People have been acting strangely since they returned from Oratt IX. They have been seen wandering the corridors of Kepler Station without any recollection of leaving their beds. Could this behaviour have something to do with the strange aquatic life forms that were brought back from the ocean planet or is something more sinister going on behind the scenes?
  • Shoreleave: Vakil's Speciality
    • Valentine's Day has come to Kepler Station and the chubby cherub has his work cut out for him with this lot!
  • Side Event: Hunting Party
    • Procuring the ITA Dacoit thanks to some quick thinking by Lt. Commander Isis Rae, a small team departs Kepler Station on a mission to locate the Orion Mustava and put an end to his pirating ways.
  • Mission 16: Maxwell's Dozen
    • Since the creation of the Holodeck there has been one constant throughout Federation space; they will malfunction. And given the complete overhaul being performed by InfoDyne on the antiquated systems offered by Kepler Station it comes as no surprise when holograms begin popping up at random throughout the station.
  • Mission 17: Rosen To The Occasion
    • In his debut role of Away Team leader, Lieutenant JG Noah Slater is sent out to survey a Nebula cluster detected by the station's long-range sensors. However upon closer inspection the team realises that there's something strange about this particular field of proto-stars. What could be causing the strange readings and where did that ship come from?
  • Epilogue: Faradays Yet To Come
    • Life has barely had a chance to return to normal when various residents of the station begin seeing flashes of possible futures. With no way to know if these glimpses are real, and will indeed come to pass, each must come to grips with the various paths their life could take and decide whether to hide from the future or embrace it.
  • Mission 18: Faradays Gone By
    • For some people their childhood and early teen years were something to treasure. For others they were times best left forgotten. In both cases though they were long since passed... that is until they woke up this morning to discover a strange occurrence. How exactly did the years melt away and will they ever return to normal?
  • Mission 19: Boy Who Cried Wolf
    • Debris of a long dead planet have been drifting towards The Expanse for thousands of years but now there's one small problem... Kepler Station is right in their path.  Now the crew scramble to protect themselves from this onslaught or face the prospect of the complete destruction of their home.  Choosing to exploit this moment of distraction, tr'Rot makes his reappearance within the Expanse.  This time the Romulan psychopath has been hired by a mysterious client who have arranged for the kidnapping of Doctor Cassiopeia Yale and the unborn Andorian/Human hybrids she carries.  What could these mystery clients want with the infants and why has tr'Rot agreed to help?
  • Mission 20: Piazzi's Penance
    • Three weeks have passed since the asteroid strike that literally tore Kepler Station to pieces. While the crew mourn their lost colleagues and recover from their injuries, Lieutenant Commander Hank McAllister has taken command and envisions a new, brighter future for the station under his leadership. His first major act as CO is to authorise an expedition into the structures discovered by the U.S.S. Tokyo during their attempts to avoid the catastrophe.
  • Interlude: Nora and Judith's Excellent Adventure
    • While their friends and co-workers deal with tragic events on Kepler Station, Nora Reagan and Judith Pond continue their holiday to Earth for Nora's brother's wedding blissfully unaware that anything has happened back home.
  • Mission 21: The Scopes of Justice or Fine Jung Cannibal
    • As charges stack higher and higher against Lieutenant Maya Takagi there is seemingly nothing her defence team, lead by the station's currently inactive Commanding Officer Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr, can do to stop a Court Martial. With tensions wearing thin between the station's staff, the Expanse Oversight Advisory and Rear Admiral Jeremiah Holden himself, it appears as if those people lurking in the shadows to facilitate Maya's fall are on the precipice of success.
  • Mission 22: Lewis' Bond
    • As the wedding of Sarah Martin and John Reynolds rapidly approaches and their siblings arrive on the station, a more positive atmosphere envelopes the somewhat haggard residents of Kepler Station.  Not everyone is able to attend the nuptials however; with two graduations looming the Cadets are tasked with a training mission that will test their resolve and determine whether they have what it takes for a career in Starfleet.  But will a terrifying discovery threaten the safety of not only the Cadets but every Federation citizen in the Expanse?
  • Shoreleave: Graduation Day
    • Having discovered that their ordeal on Beta Herculis I was actually an examination on the holodeck, the Endeavour returns the Cadets to the station where the Fourth years are ready to graduate and become fully-fledged Officers.
  • Mission 23: Take It or Leavitt
    • Having worked around the clock for just shy of two months, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers are ready to unveil the brand new Midway-class station which will be calling the Expanse home. As the crew and residents of Kepler Station make the transition, and prepare to bid farewell to the soon-to-be decommissioned Regula-I station, a privately run Ferengi prison transport arrives with need of urgent repairs. But is everything as copacetic as it appears or does trouble await anyone who sets foot aboard the vessel?.
  • Mission 23: Off the Hooke
    • Scientific discovery has been a focus for Kepler Station, dating all the way back to the original station's construction in 2324. So what better way to celebrate the next phase in a long history of research and exploration than with an exposition displaying all the wonders and breakthroughs being made in and around the Expanse?
    • Experts and enthusiasts alike have gathered from all corners of the Alpha and Beta quadrants to take part; sharing in their mutual love of science and technology while enjoying the state-of-the-art facilities that the shining new symbol of Starfleet's rededication to the sector has to offer.

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