Kelly Rowles is a former Star Trek simmer. She was a member of the United Space Federation (USF) from June of 1997 through June of 2007 (admittedly, there was a hiatus or two during that period), where she served with a number of sims and was also involved in the USF Weekly and USF PADD e-mail/web publications. As Lyra Rose she rose to command the Starbase Everest sim. After retiring from the USF, Kelly joined together with fellow simmer Daniel Fowler to create an independent sim called Verak Nor. She moved her Lyra Rose and Lenali Sohan characters to the new independent sim, which ran until 2009. Kelly was also active in the Simming League and served as the Chief Editor of SimEnc. For her service to the League she was awarded the Simming League Distinguished Service Medal.

Simming History

Early Career

Kelly began simming in the United Space Federation (USF) in June of 1997 on the USS Eclipse, under Eileen Shodan, after being recruited from one of the Star Trek dedicated chat rooms on America Online. Her first character, Kelly Ranx, was retired after a few months and Candace Nehera was created to replace her. After Candace was moved to the USS Roddenberry, Kelly created Lyra Rose on the USS Eclipse. Lyra was eventually moved to the Starbase Everest sim (then temporarily called Starbase Orlando).

Problems and Concerns

During the late 90’s, Kelly and other members of the USS Roddenberry found themselves at odds with their captain, executive officer, and the high command. Lead by Daniel Fowler (character name Edward Darign), members of the crew left to form their own independent sim, the USS Redemption. Kelly’s character, Candace, was made executive officer, with Edward Darign serving as captain.

At this time, Kelly had no active characters in any USF sim. It wasn’t until the USS Redemption sim disbanded that Kelly returned to the USF with her Lyra and Candace characters. Lyra returned to the Starbase Everest sim, and Candace moved to the USS Lothlorien sim.

The Golden Years

Despite being away from the United Space Federation for a period of about six months, Kelly’s Lyra Rose character shot through the ranks on Starbase Everest. By May 7, 2000 she was acting executive officer, and then she was promoted to commanding officer by September 3 of that same year. Lyra Rose was captain of Starbase Everest until Kelly retired the character temporarily in September of 2002, due to real life time restraints.

Back from Retirement

Kelly had very little contact with the USF, or any simming group, from the fall of 2002 until the summer of 2006. While she emerged from retirement a few times over the years, it was usually just a brief appearance in a story. However, in the summer of 2006, Kelly returned to the USF. The character of Lyra Rose was a regular on the USS Agamemnon sim. Kelly also had a relatively new character, Lenali Sohan, that spent a few months serving on the USS Roddenberry.

A New Chapter

Towards the end of 2006, Kelly and her longtime sim partner, Daniel Fowler, found themselves once again disenchanted with the USF. They began to brainstorm, and came up with an idea for a new independent sim. Over the course of a few months, the pair began the process of hiring a webmaster, and completing the back story for the new sim called Verak Nor.

As a result of creating a new sim, Kelly decided to end Lenali Sohan's time on the USS Roddenberry sim and Lyra Rose's time on the USS Agamemnon. Those characters were moved to the new sim.

Kelly and Dan formally launched Verak Nor in July of 2007. They were joined by many of their friends from the USF, as well as individuals recruited from LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and Google. Verak Nor remained active until 2009, at which time Kelly again retired from simming.

Simming Characters

Kelly Ranx

Although short lived, Kelly Ranx (Betazoid) was Kelly's first character in the USF. She served on the USS Eclipse from 6/11/97 – 9/6/97, and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade before being retired.

Candace Nehera


Candace Nehera (Human) originated on the USS Eclipse on 9/23/97. The character eventually transferred to the USS Roddenberry sim, where she was to married fellow crewmate Edward Darign. After being accused of mutiny, the pair of characters were moved to the USS Redemption sim (independent). Candace was eventually transferred to the USS Lothlorien (USF)USS Lothlorien sim (USF), where she divorced Edward Darign and married Doctor Jon Glack. The character was retired after a series of other transfers.

Basic Information

  • Name: Candace Nehera Glack
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Human (100%)
  • Homeworld: Mars Colony, Mars
  • Marriage Status: Remarried
  • Husband's Name: Doctor Jon Glack
  • First Husband's Name: Lt. Commander Edward Darign
  • Children: D'Artagnan Darign (Deceased), Gattaca Darign (Deceased), Eva Marie Darign (Deceased)
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Tan
  • Parents: Jonathan (Age 55) and Karen Nehera (Age 53)
  • Siblings: Julia Nehera-Kaplun (Age 28)


  • Stardate 199606.25: Graduated from Starfleet Academy
  • Stardate 199608.17: Promoted to Ensign
  • Stardate 199609.01: Entered Starfleet Academy Command School
  • Stardate 199706.25: Graduated from Starfleet Academy Command School
  • Stardate 199706.25: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Stardate 199709.08: Posted to U.S.S. Eclipse (Captain Eileen Shodan)
  • Stardate 199711.10: Promoted to full Lieutenant
  • Stardate 199712.16: Transferred to USS Roddenberry (Captain Stuart Scully)
  • Stardate 199804.17: Promoted to First Lieutenant
  • Stardate 199804.17: Given the post of the Chief Tactical Officer
  • Stardate 199807.14: Promoted to Commander
  • Stardate 199807.21: Posted to U.S.S. Redemption (Captain Edward Darign)
  • Stardate 199906.01: Demoted to First Lieutenant
  • Stardate 199906.02: Posted to U.S.S. Lothlorien (Captain Quint Kivo)
  • Stardate 199906.02: Given the position of Operations Officer
  • Stardate 199907.29: Transferred to Security
  • Stardate 199907.29: Given the position of Assistant Chief of Security
  • Stardate 199908.03: Relocated to U.S.S. Trailblazer after destruction of Lothlorien
  • Stardate 199910.04: Relocated to U.S.S. Lothlorien - B
  • Stardate 199910.28: Transferred to Science Department
  • Stardate 199910.28: Promoted to Chief Science Officer
  • Stardate 200001.07: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (Captain John Styre)
  • Stardate 200001.07: Promoted to Division III Head
  • Stardate 200001.08: Made Acting Second Officer of the U.S.S. Lothlorien-B
  • Stardate 200001.20: New commander found, retired from Acting Second Officer
  • Stardate 200003.10: Promoted to Second Officer
  • Stardate 200004.07: Transferred to Tactical/Security
  • Stardate 200004.07: Made Chief Tactical/Security Officer and Division II Head
  • Stardate 200004.28: Made Commander of the Lothlorien's 37th Starfighter Squadron
  • Stardate 200007.15: Resigned from 37th Starfighter Squadron
  • Stardate 200007.16: Transferred to U.S.S. Eclipse (Captain Avia Winter)
  • Stardate 200007.16: Made Second Officer and Chief Tactical Officer
  • Stardate 200108.12: Transferred to the U.S.S. Columbia (Captain Danny Mancuso)
  • Stardate 200112.05: Transferred to Outpost Phoenix (Captain Quint Kivo)
  • Stardate 200201.15: Transferred to Starfleet Academy
  • Stardate 200404.22: Transferred to Starfleet Headquarters
  • Stardate 200610.03: Promoted to Commander

Personal Information

Candace was born on Mars Colony, Mars to Jonathan and Karen Nehera. She was discovered to have an unusually high IQ at age two. When Candace was three, her sister Julia was born. Julia's IQ was also above average. The girls were close. They found that their only true companions were each other.

Candace never had many friends her age. Most of her older friends received assignments on ships when she was just getting into the academy. Her sister was her only close friend until she went to Starfleet Academy.

Candace Nehera got her first ship assignment on the U.S.S. Eclipse under Captain Shodan and Commander Zinnius. Her friend, and superior officer was Lt. Sidney O'Connor. Her position was in the tactical department. However, Sidney left, leaving her as Chief Tactical Officer for the Eclipse very early on. She decided to transfer to the USS Roddenberry in December of 199700.00. When she attempted to leave, she was so called “brainwashed” by fellow Eclipse crew member, Lt. Junior Grade Jake Vargo. He eventually took her to the Roddenberry after holding her "hostage" for the night. He was sent to a high security penal colony. His whereabouts are presently unknown.

On Stardate 199803.03, Candace Nehera married fellow crew member Lieutenant Commander Edward Darign. They were married by Captain Stuart Scully, and she was given away by First Lieutenant Sidney O'Connor.

Candace was promoted in 199804 to First Lieutenant and was given the post of the Chief Tactical Officer. Candace and Ed's twin sons, D'Artagnan and Gattaca, were born months later on Deep Space Nine on Stardate 199807.14. On Stardate 199807.16, Candace Darign and her husband Lt. Commander Edward Darign were hand picked to join an experimental ship and crew. The ship was the U.S.S. Redemption NCC-980716. Edward was given the position of Captain, and Candace, Commander. They underwent weeks of training with the rest of the hand picked crew to prepare for dangerous missions dealing with the Dominion war.

However, in the midst of the war, the Darigns' former enemy, Jake Vargo, was sprung from prison and hired by the Dominion to take over the Redemption (which was quite a prize considering its experimental nature). Somehow Jake and a Vorta (accompanied by a few hidden Dominion ships) overtook the Redemption, and Gattaca Darign was killed. Their other son, D’Artagnan was died shortly after under mysterious circumstances.

After the incident was under control, the Redemption freed itself from its captors. Candace became bitter and resentful. Her marriage was on the rocks, and her hate for the Jem Hadar soldier that killed her child was building. Edward Darign ordered Candace not to leave the ship, in fear she would take matters into her own hands. She did anyway. Commander Candace Darign stole a shuttle and tracked down the Vorta in charge. She killed him, another Vorta and three other Jem Hadar before being caught.

Candace was not freed from the Dominion until Kira Nerys and Elim Garak freed Cardassia (where Candace was being held) from the Dominion. During her imprisonment, Candace gave birth to Eva Marie Darign.

When she was finally back in Starfleet custody, she was put on trial for her disobedience and stealing a shuttle. She was also accused of attacking Edward Darign when it was revealed that he had filed the report about her disobedience of his strict and explicit orders to remain on the ship.

Candace Darign was found guilty. She immediately divorced Edward, and took her child, Eva back to Mars while she awaited reassignment. Candace was soon demoted from Commander to First Lieutenant and reassigned to the U.S.S. Lothlorien under long time friend, Quint Kivo. The U.S.S. Lothlorien was destroyed on Stardate 199908.03 when it crashed on Cook V due to a pirate attack. The crew was temporarily reassigned to the U.S.S. Trailblazer until another ship could be built. Luckily, within a few months, the U.S.S. Lothlorien - B was commissioned and the crew gladly moved onto their new ship.

Sadly, Candace's daughter, Eva, was killed a few weeks before the new Lothlorien was commissioned. The circumstances around her death have been classified. After the sudden loss of her child, Candace sought comfort in her dear friend, Doctor Jon Glack, whom served aboard the U.S.S. Eclipse (under Captain Sandy). A few weeks later, the two were engaged. Candace married Jon Glack on Stardate 199911.15. The ceremony was performed by Captain Quint R. Kivo, and she was given away by Commander John Styre. Candace and Jon Glack spent their honeymoon in Paris, France on Earth. Shortly after the marriage, Jon Glack transferred to the U.S.S. Lothlorien-B as a medical officer. She then transferred to the science department, and was made Chief Science Officer and Division III Head.

She enjoyed many more months of service on the Lothlorien, and was advanced to the rank of lieutenant commander, and Second Officer. Candace soon became aware that her transfer to science was an unwise one, and was changed back to the tactical/security department. She was given the position of Chief Tactical/Security Officer, as well as Division III Head.

Much to her surprise, Captain Styre soon asked Candace to undertake the role of commanding the Lothlorien's old Starfighter Department. She gladly accepted, and was given the title of 37th Starfighter Squadron Commander. Her personal Starfighter was the U.S.S. Valiant.

The duties soon became too much for Candace to handle. The stresses of the war had finally affected her. Needing a change, Candace decided to transfer back to the ship where everything began. She hoped it would be therapeutic to serve on the Eclipse again. Upon leaving, her friends on the Lothlorien gave her a wonderful farewell, making it harder to leave. She transferred there as the Chief Tactical Officer under Captain Avia Winter and Commander Will Blake.

After over a year of dedicated service to the U.S.S. Eclipse, Candace received a subspace communique from an old friend that once served with her on the USS Roddenberry years ago, Captain Danny Mancuso. Deciding that he could use her help, Candace and her husband, Jon, transferred to the U.S.S. Columbia.

Candace was only on the Columbia a few months before transferring to another position. She was restless, and unsure of how she wanted her Starfleet career to proceed. After a year of dabbling in different positions, she eventually joined her husband after he accepted a position on Earth. Candace currently serves as an intelligence officer for Starfleet Headquarters, while Doctor Jon Glack currently teaches at Starfleet Academy.

Lyra Colette Rose


Lyra Rose (Human) originated on the USS Eclipse sim on 1/31/98. The character served there until 6/14/98, when she transferred to the Starbase Everest (then Starbase Orlando) sim after the death of her brother and sister. Lyra took a brief hiatus in March of 1999, but returned on 8/29/99 as the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence for the station. By 5/7/00, she had been made acting Executive Officer under Fleet Captain Jason Storm. Upon his retirement, Lyra was promoted to Captain, and served in that capacity from September 3, 2000 to September 8, 2002. After a brief stint on the USS Agamemnon, the character disappeared until the summer of 2006. Lyra again served on Aggie, but was moved to the independent Verak Nor sim in the summer of 2007.

Basic Information

  • Name: Lyra Colette Rose
  • Species: Human
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France: Earth
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Children: None
  • Current Rank: Captain

Family History

  • Parents:
  • Peter Rose (59)
  • Lysandra Delacioux Rose (56)
  • Siblings:
  • Jonathan Rose (34)
  • Serena Rose (Deceased)
  • Jason Rose (Deceased)

Starfleet Record

Lyra Rose entered Starfleet Academy on Stardate 199401.15, having come highly recommended from her secondary institution. The majority of her coursework involved Tactical and Security Systems, but the desire to become a well-rounded officer resulted in additional coursework in Medicine, Diplomacy, and Piloting. As a cadet, she also expressed interest in Command early on, and received the appropriate training.

Upon graduation from the Academy, she accepted a position aboard the USS Eclipse under the command of Rear Admiral Eileen Shodan. Rose was quickly promoted, and given the position of Chief Tactical Officer. After a family tragedy, Lyra Rose was transferred to Starbase Orlando (formally Starbase Everest) under Captain Tefa. Once construction finished on Starbase Everest-B, an effort spearheaded by Commodore Kieron Lynx, Rose and the crew transferred, and the station's former Commander, Traci Tage, was promoted to Captain. Rose had a six-month tour of special duties in the Holdas System, but soon returned to Everest, under its fourth captain since her arrival, Commodore Jason Storm. After the Commodore's retirement, Rose was promoted to Commanding Officer of the station.

After two years of dedicated service to the Everest, Starfleet Intelligence reassigned Captain Rose on a permanent, undercover basis. Her activities during the year she served in this capacity are classified. Once her year long mission was complete, Rose was returned to regular Starfleet duties. She was assigned as the Executive Officer of the USS Agamemnon, under Alexander Synth, where she served very briefly before being transferred back to Starfleet Command, Earth. However, after two years of being on Earth, she was suddenly listed as Missing in Action. After more than a year of being listed MIA, a closed-door hearing was held to determine her status. As a result of this hearing, she was reinstated in Starfleet, with the rank of Captain. Captain Rose was promptly assigned to the USS Agamemnon, under Commodore Alexander Synth, as Chief of Intelligence.

After a few months of serving on the Agamemnon, Captain Rose was offered the captaincy of the USS Okuda, which was being assigned to the Cardassian station Verak Nor. She accepted the position of Commanding Officer of the Starfleet Division on the station, as well as the Commanding Officer position of the Okuda. Her assignment is part of the Federation’s Post-Dominion War re-construction effort in Cardassian space.

Major Events/Transfers/Post Changes

  • Stardate 199802.14: Arrived on USS Eclipse (Rear Admiral Eileen Shodan)
  • Stardate 199802.16: Given position of Assistant Chief of Tactical and Diplomat
  • Stardate 199803.26: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Stardate 199804.00: Given position of Chief Tactical Officer
  • Stardate 199806.14: Transferred to Starbase Orlando (Captain Tefa)
  • Stardate 199806.15: Transferred from Tactical to Starfleet Intelligence
  • Stardate 199807.22: Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Stardate 199808.25: Starbase Everest-B Constructed (Commodore Kieron Lynx)
  • Stardate 199812.00: Promoted to First Lieutenant
  • Stardate 199901.00: Crew relocated to Starbase Everest-B
  • Stardate 199903.00: Transferred off Everest (Captain Traci Tage) for special assignment
  • Stardate 199908.20: Demoted to Lieutenant for *Classified*
  • Stardate 199908.29: Transferred to Starbase Everest (Commodore Jason Storm)
  • Stardate 199908.29: Given the position of Chief of Starfleet Intelligence
  • Stardate 199909.26: Re-promoted to First Lieutenant
  • Stardate 200002.15: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • Stardate 200003.05: Promoted to Director of Intelligence Operations for Everest
  • Stardate 200005.07: Promoted to Acting Executive Officer of Starbase Everest
  • Stardate 200005.22: Promoted to Executive Officer of Starbase Everest
  • Stardate 200009.03: Promoted to Commanding Officer of Starbase Everest
  • Stardate 200107.29: Starbase Everest abandoned due to Tecra III conflict
  • Stardate 200107.30: Assigned to USS Mystique and Project "New Home"
  • Stardate 200202.03: Returned to Starbase Everest after Tecra III conflict resolved
  • Stardate 200209.08: Reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence as a full time agent
  • Stardate 200309.25: Assigned to USS Agamemnon as Executive Officer (Commodore Alex Synth)
  • Stardate 200310.01: Assigned to Starfleet Command, Earth
  • Stardate 200512.08: Listed as Missing in Action
  • Stardate 200610.03: Classified Hearing on MIA Status
  • Stardate 200610.05: Reinstated as a Starfleet Officer, with the rank of Captain
  • Stardate 200610.05: Assigned to the USS Agamemnon as Chief of Intelligence (Commodore Synth)
  • Stardate 200704.17: Returned to Starfleet Command for training
  • Stardate 200706.06: Assigned to the USS Okuda as the Commanding Officer

Personal History

Lyra Rose spent most of her early life in her birthplace of Paris, France. She was brought up in a traditional home from the early 2000s. Her mother had not had a replicator put in until Rose was ten years old. They were a family built on tradition, and were extremely close. Lyra Rose has one older brother, Jonathan, with whom she was very close to. Her mother is an artist and works from the family home, while her father serves in a scientific capacity for various institutions, including the Federation.

Like many Earth born children, Lyra Rose had an interest in Starfleet at a young age. She entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 18, and upon graduation was given her first assignment on board the USS Eclipse, under the command of Rear Admiral Eileen Shodan. She quickly became romantically involved with fellow officer Goku Mantel. Tragedy struck the Rose family, however, when Rose’s other brother and sister, Jason and Serena, were killed in a shuttle accident. This caused Lyra Rose to break off her relationship with Mantel, and return to Earth, having tendered her resignation to Starfleet.

However, Rose soon found out that because of the Dominion War, all resignations were being denied. After he bereavement leave expired, she was assigned as an intelligence officer on board Starbase Orlando.

Being reassigned troubled Rose for many weeks. However, her Department Head, Michael Hunter, was a great influence on her. She had found a kindred spirit. Much to her dismay, Hunter left her department, making Lyra Rose Chief of Starfleet Intelligence for Starbase Orlando. Shortly before this promotion, she became romantically involved with a Klingon officer, named Lt. Commander Seheb. Despite being a couple for many months, she soon became unhappy with their relationship. They were combative, and the relationship reached an impasse. Therefore, when Starfleet had wanted to give her a special assignment as a Starfleet Intelligence specialist for the Holdas sector, she quickly accepted.

Having accepted the job offer, Rose moved to the Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters on Holdas Prime. Despite her immediate displeasure with the new job, she picked up a new skill, which she had discovered to be useful: knife throwing. Her growing frustrations over her job were relieved through this practice. Despite the common knowledge of her time at Holdas, her specific duties there have been classified.

The isolation of her new position caused Lyra Rose to desperately miss her old comrades. But, her former position at the newly redesigned Starbase Everest was full. In third quarter of that year, however, the position opened up and she transferred back to Everest as Chief Intelligence Officer. She served there happily under Commodore Storm. Lyra Rose had finally found her "home" away from home.

After a hearing regarding the unexplained and traitorous actions of her superior, Admiral HyRisk, he was removed from his post and reassigned. Rose was then promoted to Director of Operations for Everest Intelligence, his former position. A few months later, Rose’s former Department Head and fiancé, Commander Michael Hunter, retired and left Everest for good. Lyra Rose was promoted to acting Executive Officer, and then to Executive Officer in quick succession. After just a few short months of serving under Commodore Storm, he decided to retire as well, leaving command of the station to Lyra Rose.

After loosing Starbase Everest to an alien task force bent on reclaiming the sector, Captain Rose was asked to take sometime off after the station had been reclaimed. A few months after her return from leave, the situation between the Romulans and Lughians on the nearby Tecra III escalated. Captain Rose was ordered to turn over the station to a special task force equipped to handle the political situation. During this hiatus from Everest, Captain Rose and her crew were assigned to the station's three ships, the Mystique, Infinity and Phantasm. These three vessels were sent to begin construction on a new station and project called "New Home." The station would become the center point of Beta Quadrant communications and exploration. After more than six months, the crew of Everest was invited to return to their station and clean up what the task force had left behind.

Lyra Rose remained Captain of Everest for two years before Starfleet Intelligence reassigned her. During that time she was involved in two high profile romantic relationships with Chief of Engineering Jon Glack (to whom she was briefly engaged), and Goku Mantel (whom she had had a relationship previously on the USS Eclipse). She was also romantically involved with a Starfleet Marine named Tom Kraft, despite clear orders against fraternization. Kraft was immediately reassigned when the relationship became public.

After her two years as Commanding Officer of Everest, Rose took a year-long undercover assignment. She emerged once her mission was complete as the newly appointed executive officer under Alexander Synth, whom she had once protected from a mercenary. That assignment was short lived, for Rose was ordered to return to Earth to create a special Intelligence training program at Starfleet Command. She spent two years developing the program and training a special operations crew before she suddenly disappeared. Her official status was listed as Missing in Action for nearly a year before a series of classified hearings took place to reevaluate her status. Lyra Rose was reinstated as a Starfleet Officer as a result, with the rank of Captain. She was then assigned back to the USS Agamemnon as the Chief of Intelligence. It was during this time on the Agamemnon that Lyra Rose openly engaged in a romantic relationship with the vessel’s captain, Commodore Alexander Synth.

Despite her relationship with Commodore Synth, Rose only spent a few months on the Agamemnon. After approximately half of a year as the Chief of Intelligence, she was offered command of her own vessel. As part of the Post-Dominion War re-construction efforts, Starfleet decided to send the USS Okuda to the Cardassian station Verak Nor. Rose took command of the USS Okuda, and became the Commanding Officer of the Starfleet Division on Verak Nor, where she presently serves.

On a more personal note, Lyra Rose has never been married, despite six proposals and almost as many engagements. Review of her medical file also shows that Lyra Rose was, at one time, pregnant with Goku Mantel's child, but she miscarried shortly into the pregnancy. At the time of the miscarriage, Rose was informed that due to a weak cervix, she would probably never be able to carry a child to full term. Subsequent psychological evaluations have revealed that this fact does not particularly matter to her.

Miahadahn Nohl

"Miah" (Kolhdatian) served on Outpost Phoenix as Chief of Starfleet Intelligence in the year 2000, under Captain Quint Kivo. She received a Purple Heart and Gold Bar award during her service there. The character is retired.

Danielle Alexandria Ilro Britcher

Danielle (half Betazoid) served on the USS Agamemnon as Chief Medical Officer in the year 2000 through 2001, under Commodore Alexander Synth. She was a widow and a single mother, but ended up having a romantic relationship with Synth. She eventually returned to Earth, where the character was retired.

Lenali Sohan


The character of Lenali Sohan (Trill) originated on the USS Roddenberry sim on 8/14/06. She served there through the new year. She eventually was moved to the independent sim, Verak Nor.

Basic Information

  • Name: Lenali Sohan
  • Family Name: Varax
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Place of Birth: Kalax Province, Trill
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Children: None
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Current Post: USS Okuda/Verak Nor

Sohan Symbiont History

First Host: Ezren Sohan
  • Sex: Female
  • Occupation: Literature Professor
  • Age (At Death): 110
Second Host: Leliz Sohan
  • Sex: Female
  • Occupation: Symbiosis Commission Board Member
  • Age (At Death): 106
Third Host: Teron Sohan
  • Sex: Male
  • Occupation: Doctor
  • Age (At Death): 94
Fourth Host: Kinori Sohan
  • Sex: Female
  • Occupation: Starfleet Academy Student
  • Age (At Death): 21

Family History

  • Family Name: Varax
  • Parents: Thurzon Varax and Axia Varax (Both unjoined)
  • Siblings: None

Starfleet Record

Lenali Varax Sohan entered Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen. She immediately enrolled in Tactical and Security training, specializing in starship combat. During her third year, Lenali was given medical leave while she underwent the Trill joining process. She returned to resume classes, and despite having missed a great deal of work, she was able to catch up and graduate on time.

As an Ensign and new graduate, Lenali was assigned to the tactical department of the USS Roddenberry under Captain Sovak. She happened to be serving on the ship when it was shot down over Randis II, where the crew was stranded for months. Shortly after the Roddenberry and her crew were rescued, Lenali Sohan put in a transfer request. She was promptly reassigned as a tactical officer on the USS Okuda, which is currently stationed at Verak Nor.

Personal History

Lenali Sohan was born in a highly urban area of a major Trill province. She grew up knowing every modern convenience and had access to the newest technological advancements. However, as the only child of Thurzon and Axia Varax, Lenali often found herself alone and fending for herself.

Growing up, Lenali's parents spent much of their time at their jobs. Both were engineers for a major Trill firm - always working on some new invention that would put Trill on the map. Despite having two mathematical and scientific parents, Lenali's interests drifted to space and general exploration. Without the constant pressure or guidance from her parents, she was able to indulge this fascination.

Her younger years seemed to slip by without much to note. Lenali spent a majority of her time alone, and even more time with sketches of various solar systems. When it came time for some specialized education, however, her parents suddenly tried to take an active role. Now fiercely independent, Lenali refused to attend the engineering school her parents had attended. In fact, within two weeks of being a legal adult (sixteen in Earth years), she entered the Symbiont program that Trill is famous for.

Lenali's parents had never been joined, nor did they have a desire to. Their daughter was another story. She had always entertained the idea, and desperately wanted to attempt anything that might show her parents just what she was capable of doing on her own. After two years of training and testing, Lenali was approved for joining. She was placed on a waiting list for an available Symbiont. After assurance from the Symbiosis Commission that her spot in line would be secure, Lenali left for Earth to try her hand at Starfleet Academy.

As it turned out, this proved to be one of Lenali's best decisions. She excelled in tactical systems, and had a knack for navigation and piloting. Her scores were impressive, and her performance within her squad was astounding.

However, in her third year, Lenali was called back to Trill. There had been a tragic accident involving another Starfleet Academy Trill cadet. Kinori Sohan was killed as she tried to stop the theft of a Starfleet shuttlecraft. Kinori had only recently been joined, and the Symbiosis Commission felt it would be less traumatic for the Sohan Symbiont if it were implanted in a very similar host. Kinori and Lenali were close in age, blood type, height, overall physical condition, and life style.

The joining process did not go smoothly for Lenali. She experienced numerous disconcerting flashbacks about her previous host's murder. As Lenali soon learned, Kinori had been chosen to receive the Sohan Symbiont because of her photographic memory. This made the transition for Lenali considerably more difficult than it would have been for another host. However, she was able to return to her classes at Starfleet Academy within a few months, and managed to graduate, as well as receive an immediate posting.

Lenali’s first posting was to the USS Roddenberry, as a tactical officer. During her time there, the Roddenberry was shot down over Randis II, leaving the crew stranded on the planet for many months. During her time on the planet, Lenali was kidnapped and injured during an encounter with a native species, but was successfully recovered by an assault team. She made a full recovery.

Almost as soon as the crew was rescued from Randis II, Lenali learned her mother had recently been killed in a laboratory accident. Having asked Lieutenant Edward Darign to travel with her, the pair returned to Trill for her mother’s memorial service. When she returned to the Roddenberry two weeks later, Lenali promptly requested a transfer to the USS Okuda, which was being assigned to the Cardassian station Verak Nor. Her request was approved, and she immediately left the Roddenberry for Earth. After a few months of special training, Lenali and the Okuda left for Verak Nor. Lenali presently serves on the Okuda and the station as a tactical officer.

Major Events/Transfers/Post Changes

  • Stardate 200605.23: Graduated from Starfleet Academy
  • Stardate 200605.23: Promoted to Ensign
  • Stardate 200608.14: Assigned to the USS Roddenberry (Captain Sovak)
  • Stardate 200609.12: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • Stardate 200701.02: Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Stardate 200703.30: Arrived at Starfleet Command, Earth
  • Stardate 200706.06: Assigned to the USS Okuda (Captain Lyra Rose)

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