Captain Kalianna Nicholotti (also known as Lieutenant Cayden Adyr and Lt Commander Ash MacKenna) is a Star Trek simmer from UFOP: StarBase 118. Her writer, Marissa, has been simming with the group since early 2009. Prior to her involvement with 118, she served as a Marine and eventually a Command Officer in a now defunct group called the United Federation for Earth's Defense (UFED).


Having simmed with chat room and PBeM groups, as well as playing tabletop and LARP games, Marissa has extensive experience within the roleplay realm.


Marissa currently plays, or has played the following characters over the years:

Primary Character

Kalianna Nicholotti


Full bio can be found at:,_Kali


Vincent 'Jonesy' Jones:

Full bio can be found at:,_Vincent


Ash Tristan MacKenna:

Full bio can be found at:,_Ash


Adriana Morgan:

Full bio can be found at:,_Adriana


Cayden Adyr:

  • Started 2011 - Mission Specialist (Joined Trill, former Starfleet Captain) (UFOP: StarBase 118)

Full bio can be found at:,_Cayden


Savannah Taylor

Full bio can be found at:,_Savannah


"I serve my crew, not the other way around." ~ Captain Nicholotti, to her Executive Officer, Ben Walker (2012)